Monday, 6 March 2017

Paradise Lost Chap 16

 "I should have just stuck with the original plan and stayed out of the Upton Game," I ranted to Noelle,
Kiran, Taylor, and Tiffany as they followed me down the hall to the Langes' guest room, past all the
indigenous pottery displayed on glass tables along the wall. "Clearly I was not cut out for this
particular sport. And does he really think I believe that he's only into me now? After however many
years of being England's number one player?" I threw open the double doors to my room and stopped
in my tracks. Noelle barreled right into me, and Kiran tripped over Taylor, knocking into the wall and
taking down a potted plant. Tiffany caught the vase just before it hit the floor.
"Can you warn us when you're going to do that?" Kiran asked, straightening her top. I couldn't
respond. I was too stunned. Every inch of my room was covered in flowers. Huge pots lined the floor.
Vases bursting with white and orange blooms were arranged on the bedside tables and atop the
dresser. Long glass boxes overflowing with gorgeous tropical buds had overtaken the windowsills.
Loose petals were strewn all over the floor and on the bed. A handwritten note sat propped up on my
"My mother is so going to fire Maritza when she sees this mess," Noelle said, nudging some petals
with her foot. "Dammit. There goes her good espresso!"
"Who're they from?" Taylor asked, her eyes bright.
My first thought was of Josh. Had Josh talked to Ivy and explained that he still loved me?
My heart beat wildly with curiosity as I picked up the card, not daring to imagine what it might say.
The handwriting was unfamiliar, and my eyes went directly to the signature. I forced a smile. "They're
from Upton," I said, silently scolding myself for letting my thoughts turn to Josh. That was over. I was
moving on. And clearly Upton was more than willing to help me speed up the process.
"How did he pull this off?" Tiffany asked, lowering her nose to the nearest arrangement.
"We just left him. Does he have the florist on speed dial?"
"Dear Reed," I read. "Please accept these flowers as my sincere apology. I promise that tonight, you
will have my full and undivided attention, if you so choose to allow it. Love, Upton." My heart
"Wow. He really likes you," Taylor said, fingering the soft petals of a huge white lily. She took a deep
breath and let her hands slap against her thighs. "Well, that's it. I'm officially dropping out of the
Upton Game."
"Really?" I said.
"What's the point?" Taylor asked, lifting her arms to take in the entire room. "You have his full and
undivided attention."
Kiran sighed audibly. She took a lipstick out of her clutch and leaned toward the mirror on the
dressing table. "Guess it's Graham Hathaway for me."
"Poor guy has no idea what he's in for," Noelle joked.
"No, he does not," Kiran agreed, pressing her lips together. The flutter in my heart took on a whole
new excited rhythm. My competitive side couldn't help but feel a bit proud. Apparently I had won.
Upton, the most coveted and sought-after guy in their group, was all but mine.
Unless, of course, Poppy had anything to say about it.
But in the past few hours, I had taken Tiffany, Kiran, and Taylor out of the game. Three very worthy
contenders. If I could intimidate them, I could intimidate anyone. Even Poppy Simon. Suddenly, I
couldn't wait until tonight.

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