Monday, 6 March 2017

Paradise Lost Chap 15

Goose bumps covered my skin. My whole body shook uncontrollably. I gritted my teeth and held my
breath and tried to control it, but nothing helped. I had tied up my hair off my neck with the hair band I
had kept around my wrist since I'd gotten to St. Barths, so the soaking strands were no longer hitting
my shoulders. That was something, at least. But how long had I been standing there? How much
longer was I going to have to wait? Every moment seemed like an hour.
And then, voices. Angry voices. Adrenaline instantly warmed me. It was Upton. Upton was shouting
at someone.
"... stupid, immature, ridiculous thing to--"
"We were just having a bit of fun," Sienna's voice replied. My blood boiled with anger. I was going to
scratch those girls' eyes out the moment I saw them.
"You should be ashamed of yourselves," Upton scolded, his voice just outside now.
"Reed! Where are you?"
"Right here!" I said meekly, lifting my arm so it could be seen in the space between the top of the door
and the canvas roof.
"Are you all right?" Upton asked.
A towel appeared over the door and I whipped it down, wrapping it around my shoulders. My eyes
closed in ecstasy as warmth radiated over my skin.
"I'll live," I replied.
"Here are your clothes," Upton said, folding my dress and bathing suit over the door. Oh, thank God. I
quickly stepped into my dry bathing suit and yanked the T-shirt dress on over my head. They felt so
warm--like they had been tumbling in a dryer for an hour--but that was probably just in contrast to the
frigid temperature of my skin. I took a deep breath to calm the trembling, and I opened the door.
"I'm so sorry," Upton said immediately, pulling me into his arms. I closed my eyes and pressed my
cheek against his chest. The warmth of his body chased away the last of the shivers. "They said you'd
gone back to the Langes'. That you'd come down with a headache."
"I figured," I said, glancing over at Sienna, whose arms were crossed over her chest as she looked
imperiously out at the ocean, as if she owned it. Amberly, Paige, and Poppy weren't there. I wondered
how Sienna had ended up taking the blame solo, but honestly, I didn't care.
"I believe Sienna has something to say to you," Upton said, loosening his grip on me.
Sienna glanced at my angry face and rolled her eyes. "We're sorry," she said, with no sincerity
whatsoever. "We were just having some fun." She offered me her hand and arched her perfectly
waxed eyebrows. "Friends?"
Anger clenched my chest and I pulled away from Upton completely, stepping toward her.
"You and I were never friends, and we're never going to be friends," I said, causing her face to fall.
"In fact, you and your little posse can stay away from me for the rest of the trip. Far, far away. And I
suggest, for your own sake, that you do."
Sienna's thin lips parted in indignation as I turned on my bare heel and stormed off toward the pool
and the restaurant behind it. The sun was just dipping behind the hotel. I needed to find my friends and
vent before I exploded.
"Reed! Wait!"
Upton caught up to me near the shallow end of the pool and grabbed my arm.
"Thanks for finding me and everything, but I really need to talk to Noelle right now," I said, wresting
myself from his grasp.
"Wait. I just wanted to say I'm sorry," Upton told me, his eyes pleading. "Sienna's just being a spoiled
child. She doesn't know how to handle jealousy, you see--"
"Jealousy? Wait a minute. I thought she was new here too. What's she jealous of?" I asked, a niggling
feeling of ignorance gnawing at the back of my neck. Upton bit his lip and looked away. "Yes, well...
we kind of had a thing last term when she and Poppy came to visit me at school. ..."
An incredulous laugh escaped my throat and I backed away from him. "Oh my God! You are a total
"Is there any female on this planet you haven't had a thing with? " I asked, lifting my palms to the sky.
"Maybe it would be simpler for you to list your non-hookups than your hookups."
"Reed, none of that matters," Upton said, reaching for my hands. He held them both in his and looked
into my eyes. "You're the one I want to be with now. Only you. I swear it. All of that is in the past. It
doesn't matter anymore."
I was amazed at how sincere he made it sound. For a second I almost believed him. And maybe a
year ago I would have. But I wasn't that naive anymore. Reed Brennan had gone through some
"It kind of does matter when I spend over an hour freezing my ass off in a dark shower stall," I told
him, yanking away my hands. "This was supposed to be a fun little vacation fling. And the fun just
officially ended. I have to go."
This time, when he called after me, I didn't look back.

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