Monday, 6 March 2017

Paradise Lost Chap 14

"I say we hit the showers," Tiffany said to me a few minutes later, fanning herself with her hands.
Upton, Gage, and Dash were volleying the ball back and forth over the net, and everyone else had
plopped down on towels. "I am way too sweaty for comfort."
"Agreed," I said, figuring I could use a cool off, considering my knees were still shaking from kissing
Upton. Waving good-bye to the others, we grabbed our beach bags and made our way up the beach
toward the Simon Hotel's outer buildings. The hotel itself stood on the bluff and was accessible by a
huge staircase cut into the rocks, if you were in the mood for a hike, or, if you were feeling lazy, you
could get there by one of the many golf carts that zoomed between the lobby and the beach all day
long. Down there were a casual breakfast and lunch restaurant and bar, a beachside pool, and a line
of slim, canvas-topped huts, each of which contained a private shower.
"You really like him, don't you?" Tiffany asked as she stepped inside her own stall, closing the thick
wooden door behind her. I heard her latch the lock as I walked into my own stall. "Upton, I mean. Not
Dash," she clarified.
"Yeah, I kind of do," I said, raising my voice so she could hear me over the water. I stepped out of my
bathing suit and slung it over the door, then added my towel and T-shirt dress cover-up so they'd be
out of reach of the shower's spray. "Is that pathetic?"
"Why would it be pathetic?" she asked.
I turned on the water and leapt back as the cold jets hit my bare skin. Huddling against the far wall, I
waited until I felt the stream start to warm up on my feet, and then inched my way in.
"Because you all like him, and he's such a major flirt," I replied. I lathered up my hair with shampoo,
and then left it piled atop my head as I started to wash my skin. "Besides, he clearly has something
going with Poppy."
"I wouldn't take the Poppy thing too seriously. When it comes to guys, she has the attention span of a
gnat. And as for everyone else, they're just playing the game. Which, by the way, you are clearly
winning," Tiffany said.
I blushed happily. "You think?"
"It's so obvious." The pipes squealed as she turned off the water. "I say, if you really like him, go for
"Are you done already?" I asked, surprised.
Tiffany laughed. "I am the queen of the thirty-second shower. Something I learned from traveling with
my dad--you can never count on a foreign water heater," she joked. I could hear her moving
around, getting dried off and dressed. "I'm gonna grab a snack. Want to meet at the restaurant? " Sure.
Her door creaked open and slammed, and I dove under the still-warm water, quickly rinsing my hair. I
finished cleaning up and rinsing off and felt as if I'd actually accomplished something. Beaten the hotwater
clock. And learned my first lesson of international travel. Smiling, I turned around to grab my
My hand caught air. I blinked, my eyes adjusting to the relative darkness. There was nothing hanging
on the door. No towel. No clothes. No bathing suit. Nothing.
I heard a giggle and my heart dropped.
"Who's out there?" I asked.
More snickering. It had to be Paige, Amberly, and Sienna. Noelle, Kiran, and Taylor weren't about to
steal my clothes. In fact, the immaturity of the stunt had Amberly Carmichael written all over it.
"Very funny, you guys. You just won the award for cleverest fifth-grade prank. Can I have my stuff
back now?" I asked as the last of my shower water gurgled down the drain.
"You wish," Amberly replied, giggling.
"You are so going to wish you hadn't done this," I said through my teeth.
"Feeling kind of cocky for someone who's standing there in her birthday suit, Reed," Paige teased.
"And a piece of friendly advice," Poppy added, her voice firm. "Back off Upton."
"Poppy?" I said, surprised. "Where the hell did you come from?"
"I live here, remember?" she replied. "Wow. You blokes weren't kidding. She really is a stupid cow."
They all laughed and my face burned. I narrowed my eyes.
"We haven't officially met," I said loudly, talking over their giggles. "I'm Reed Brennan. Do you
always treat the guests at your parents' hotel this way?"
"Only the daft ones," she replied. "Just because I've been playing nice up till now doesn't mean I
haven't noticed what's been going on."
No. It just means that you're totally two-faced, putting up a good carefree, sweetie-pie show for your
friends, when you're actually a complete bitch.
"Last time I checked, you and Upton were just friends," I said. "Wanting him to be your boyfriend
doesn't make it true."
Poppy was silent, and I knew I had her.
"He may not be mine yet, but he will be," she finally sputtered. "Stay away from him from now on, if
you know what's good for you."
My jaw dropped. I had barely even spoken two words to this girl and she was threatening me?
"Or what? You'll steal my clothes again?" I asked sarcastically, hugging my dripping body.
"What could possibly be worse? "
"We'll see how you feel in about an hour," Sienna said. "Come on, girls. I'm suddenly starving. Let's
go join the others at the restaurant."
They giggled and started walking away. My heart skipped a beat.
Everyone else had already left the beach and gone inside? That meant no one was going to be walking
by here anytime soon. I was already starting to shiver. Not good. I moved my feet back and forth and
jumped around a bit, trying to keep warm. I waited and listened, hoping someone would step into the
next shower or walk by on their way to the beach, but I heard nothing.
"Hello?" I called out. "Is anyone there?"
Silence, save for the waves crashing into the shore.
"Anyone! Hello! I need some help in here!" I shouted louder. Somewhere near the pool, a reggae band
started playing some happy-go-lucky tunes over some seriously cranked-up speakers. Happy hour
was starting. Great. No one was going to hear me now. My heart started to pound as my skin tightened
and grew colder still. How long was I going to have to stand here? What if Noelle and the others
never came back to the beach? I was sure that if anyone asked about me, Paige would make up some
stupid story about how I went home on my own or something. I could be standing there naked for
hours. A stiff breeze rattled my little hut, and I stepped back against the wall for warmth, hugging

myself as tightly as I could. I was really starting to hate the Upton Game.

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