Monday, 6 March 2017

Paradise Lost Chap 13

"That's you, Farm Girl!" Gage shouted as the volleyball arced in my direction.
"I know, jackass," I replied, bumping it forward toward the net. Graham easily set the ball, and
Tiffany jumped up and spiked it into the sand at Taylor's feet. Taylor barely made a play for it, then
made an "oops" face and giggled in Upton's direction. Apparently she was more interested in the
Upton Game than the volleyball game.
"Yes!" Tiffany and I cheered, slapping hands over our heads. Graham gave me a pat on the back as
Gage whooped it up. As if he had anything to do with the point. Dash hurled the ball under the net and
it bounced along the sand, where I stopped it with my foot. I popped it up to my hands and turned my
back to him, never once looking him in the eye. How the hell had I ended up on the other side of the
net from the last two guys I had kissed? Two guys with seriously unresolved relationships with other
girls, no less. Answer? I was the unluckiest chick on the planet.
Of course, having Upton and Dash on the opposing team with Kiran and Taylor had one positive
effect--it got my competitive juices flowing. I don't know why, but I had to beat them. Maybe to prove
to them that they didn't make me nervous.
Even though they did.
"So, Upton, think you're going to win it all again at Casino Night this year?" Kiran asked, reaching up
to dust some sand from his shoulder. She let her hand linger on his skin. My face, already hot from sun
and exertion, burned.
"I don't know," Upton said, glancing through the net at me. "There's some new competition this year."
He winked at me, and suddenly my face was burning for a whole different reason. Okay, time to move
"Fourteen serving twelve!" I shouted.
"Go Upton!" Paige cheered from her lounge chair.
I paused to glance over at Paige and the others, wondering if she'd purposely tried to mess me up. She
was sitting between Amberly and Sienna, facing the game instead of the water. Noelle and West were
lying a few feet away on a beach blanket, his arm around her back. Sawyer was sitting on his towel,
T-shirt on, reading Of Mice and Men. I wondered why he even bothered to come along. And how
many books he'd brought with him on the plane. Luckily, Poppy was MIA, as was Daniel, so I didn't
have to worry about Poppy drooling all over Upton every time he made a point.
Refocusing on the game, I tossed the ball in the air. As it came back down, I envisioned Poppy's face
on it and slammed it over the net-right at Upton's head.
"Whoa!" Upton shouted. He made a last-second play for the ball, but it glanced off the side of his
hand and went flying toward the rocks that lined the beach.
"Yes! That's game!" I shouted, throwing my arms in the air. Graham hugged me and lifted me up.
"Nice work!"
"Good job, loser. I'm impressed that you didn't eff it up," Gage said, reaching out to slap my hand.
"How very supportive of you, teammate," I said pointedly.
"Supportive like that straight jacket bathing suit you're sporting? " Gage replied. "Come on, Brennan,
you gotta let the ladies breathe."
He mimed the universal boy sign for breasts and made some wet kissy noises. Graham cracked up,
but he blushed and looked away when he saw the mortification on my face. I adjusted the strap of my
one-piece black bathing suit--which was, admittedly, the only one-piece on the beach, aside from
Noelle's much more sophisticated red strapless. These St. Barths girls were all about the teeny
"Gage, you're disgusting," Tiffany said.
"Whatever, prude: You know you want me." Gage laughed, his hands on his slim hips. He actually
looked annoyingly hot in his brown plaid board shorts with no shirt on. He had a tattoo of a sun on the
back of his right shoulder, which was unexpected and intriguing. But not intriguing enough to give him
the satisfaction of asking about it.
I felt a hand close around my wrist and turned to find Upton smiling down at me. "A kiss for the
winner?" he said.
Before I could answer, he'd slipped one hand behind my neck and had pulled me in for a knee-melting
kiss. By the time Upton released me, Gage and Graham were hooting and cheering and all the girls
were sneering in my direction. But for once I didn't care. I'd have been jealous of me too. Because,
wow, could that boy kiss.

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