Sunday, 11 September 2016



Yeah I feel so fvcking worthless right now. I should shoot you w M4A1 straight to your both cerebrum and cerebellum at the first place. Or maybe I should knock you down and pin your eyes with a fork.

I fvcking hates you, bro! Seriously!

Dah pilih aku pastu senang senang je kau buang aku kan Kau hengat aku ni patung plastik Barbie ke? Kau dah beli dia dengan harga beratus ratus, dah pakaikan dia baju yang lawa lawa. Dah puas main patah patahkan kaki and tangan dia. Pastu dah rosak kau campak je dia dalam tong sampah.

Aku tak expect pun untuk kau treat macam kau jaga iPhone kesayangan kau. And aku tak expect pun kau dah berubah sepenuhnya. Tapi I'm only a human and I am so fvcking mad at what you have done bro!

Honestly, I try to move on about what you have did to me during that night. You spontaneously hit the wrong button without realizing that you were not wearing a helmet. You have no idea how much hurt I was during that night. And you just did that without even thinking how I would feel. A day after that I try to ignored about it and make it clear that we are totally good. I choose to forgive you bro!

And by forgiving you I had done one stupid mistakes ever! You hit the wrong button at the wrong time. Again! And thank you so much for making me feel so trepidation in angers. Thank you such for the head shots too. You are nothing as much as I feel worthless, sad and stupid to.