Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Mother of Tempatan Fest 2015

*sila baca ucapan Assalamualaikum kat atas tu ye :)*

Hai uolls, Ahad lepas sis pergi MothaOfTempatanFest! Final TFRootsTour for 2015. This was my first Tempatan Fest in my life. Yelaaa before ni asyik tak dapat nak pergi je. Selalu kirim barang kat member2 je. But this time, sis pergi sendiri, shopping sendiri, menghabiskan duit sendiri, menghabiskan masa sendiri kat Tempatan Fest tu. Pergi sendiri tkde laa sangat. Thanks to bro Mu'az, who's gave me a lift to go there. He fetch me up from IOI and drove all the highway to Space U8, Shah Alam.

Once dah sampai kat Tempatan Fest tu memang havoc la citer dia kan. Last day of Mother of Tempatan Fest 2015 kotw! Gila tak havoc. Sis pun gigih lah mengembara ke seluruh pelusuk booth booth baju lokal kat situ, while Mu'az setia mengekori ku dari belakang. HAHAHA sian Mu'az, ikut je mana aku pergi.

Hasil pemburuan sis pada hari tersebut adalah, WulPak clothing, Rated Apparel, The Krikkers, The Lasp, and two beautiful bracelets from C-Ko Bracelet.

For WulPak Clothing, I bought for my lil bro, Ikmal Firdaus. I bought Wall Stain Sweatshirt which cost RM30. I bet if I buy online there is no way in hell the price will be cheap as RM30. So I grabbed one for size S. but too bad, Ikmal's pot belly won't fit in that sweatshirt. HUHU terbang duit sis. Baru nak tengok dia suwek-suwek dengan baju Wulpak tu. Luckily sis dia ni pulak yang muat pakai. LOL

Rated Apparel, i'm not kinda know about this brand tho. I just followed Mu'az to bought one for Kirin. While waiting him to make the purchase, I tengok-tengok la dulu baju yang lain kat booth Rated tu, and suddenly I found one dark blue sweatshirt with maroon stain, The Mist 'Midnight'. I grabbed one XL for my Angah. Mu'az told me to paid it 2 for RM90 since they were offered 1 for RM50 and 2 for RM90. Mu'az paid RM50 while me paid RM40. Hahaha murah RM10 boleh lahhh...

I bought The Krikkers for my lil annoys sister, Fika. I bought WARISAN t-shirt, which was only left size S, the last pair one! HAHA, lucky u sis! Then The Lasp is for me. I already lalu lalang at The Lasp booth for more than three times. Those dark blue denim long sleeve shirt really caught me captivated. Bro yg jaga booth tu dah bagi less RM45 and only left size M and left only 2 pair. I was like, THE HECK! If I tawaf this place one more round, definitely I will lose the shirt. HUHU. So I can't help with my nafsu shopping yang membuak-buak ni, and yeah I said "Saya beli ye" with my very sweet smile once the bro accept my payment. And there's my money fly away. Again T_T

I went to C-Ko bracelet twice, and had bought the bracelet twice also. First I bought it for Shazlin since her birthday will be coming soon in January. Second I bought it for Ihsan. My bad. I take a snapped of all those bracelets and post it to Ihsan. RM18 and RM13 for each. Cuz I knew Ihsan really want it one from Tempatan Fest. So yeah, he ask me to choose anything I like for him. After next sem, he will do the payment. Haha okay bro.

So yeah, after two hours tawaf-tawaf and pusing-pusing around those crowded and hustle and bustle Tempatan Fest, I chillin up with Mu'az at Hello Soda booth and ate Takoyaki. Fyi, I bumped into Silent Killer during my tawaf journey. What a surprise tho! When our eyes met, he said Hi and I spontaneously said Hi back. Hahaha no awkward at all tho.

Mu'az dropped me off at IOI bustop. Well, thanks, again for the ride bro. I really have a nice weekend there at Tempatan Fest. Can't wait for upcoming TFRootsTour in 2016! Yeahhh ~

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Last goals for Chapter 3

Gaisss. I'm done my Chapter 3 in GMI! Wuhoooo! *cheers* So basically, I only can conclude that my semester was full of Ichibukai, Ichibukai, Ichibukai, Ichibukai and Ichibukai. HAHA. And I'm gonna off to Puchong this noon and enjoy my two weeks of semester break. Actually I have three weeks holiday, but one week before the next sem registration day, I have SUKIPT training and I have to be back to GMI on January 6th 2016. Duhhhh ~_~

Last Thursday, I met him and Shadow to give them a big choco jar. Correction,; to give Amir a.k.a Ichibukai a big chocolate rice jar. I made it by myself, with all my true passion and love :P So yeah, actually that's my goals before I finish my semester 3. While everyone else were busy to strives for final and last paper, but I focus on The Very Special Choco Jar for Ichibukai ^3^ I told Akma that I need to be done this goal before end of semester 3. And last Tuesday I hunted all the ingridents; choco bar and bubble rice all around Bandar Baru Bangi. Alhamdulillah I found all the items in Yummie Barkery and Cake shop at Seksyen 7, Bandar Baru Bangi. I used to shop there with Akma tho during sem 1. That time we bought our items for Pre-Calculus project.

Thanks to my dearest room mates who help me bought all those things. After I got everything I want, I directly start to boiled the choco bar using Nad's rice cooker. Thanks to Mirah and Nad for the guidance. After I finished boiling the choco bar, of cuz the chocolate turns into some milky texture. Wahhh *salivating* :P Then I filled the big jar with bubbles rice and the chocolate. Alhamdulillah, I've got 5 choco jars. Semua bahan habis. Well, mission accomplished sis!

I gave one to Shazlin, one for Akma, one for Nabil, one for Alif and the last one, the big jar one for my very special and dearest parkour and freerun trainer, I C H I B U K A I :)

And yeah, last Thursday I've met him. Give him the choco jar and yeah, of coz I saw the happy face on him. So glad that he likes it. I know he really craving for chocolate rice. That's why I decided to make one for him, for free, before end of semester 3. And Alhamdulillah, mission double accomplished! Yeayyyyy ^_^ The moment I want to give him these very special choco jar, I had to cast a highly professional way in front of him. I had to 'cover cun' habis in front of him, since I know his ws picture that was he with me during the Borneo Club MPU4 event. So I had to try hard to not to obviously care about that picture. Tipu laa kalau aku tak terkejut! I standing right next to him in that picture laa! HAHAHA. Sabar jelaa daripada terus bertanyakan pasal benda tu. Huhuhu.

So yeah, my goals were done! See, the more u focus on what you want, the more chances for it to happen. Congratulation sis! Yeayyy for that! *Applause*

Ichibukai really enjoys the chocolate rice, a big jar chocolate rice special from me, he currently used a picture which i was standing right next to him for the ws picture,. What was all this means? Is this mean that I'm not bertepuk sebelah tangan? Wahhhhh... we'll see it in chapter 4 :)

*p/s: Anyone else wanna cheers or disappoint me in 2015, you all have about 12 days starting from today. Thank you ;)
Thursday, 17 December 2015

Red alert. Flashing lights. Yellow caution tape.


Yup. Speechless ~

Only speechless I can describe right now.
Where I need to start huh? From left to right? From right to left? From back to front? From front to back? From top to bottom? From bottom to top?

Speechless in my current situation is; the fellas, the dudes, the boys who I currently be friends with are absolutely going mad and drive me super damn crazyyyyyy!!!! I had to admit, I've got many confessions about love, heart-to-heart feeling, just be friend's oath and so on during these week from them.

Ingat nak ws Ichibukai pasal choco jar yang aku buat petang tadi. Tapi bila aku nak click je nama dia kat list ws aku, tindakan aku automatic terbantut once I saw his ws picture. His current ws pictureee. It was me and him in that picture! Me and him! I repeat, only me and him in that picture. His ws picture!

Like, S E R I O U S L Y ? ? ? O_o

Mimpi apa pulak lah si Amir ni letak gambar ws aku dengan dia ni?! I absolutely have no idea where the hell he got that picture. And his current ws status is red heart emoticon and a bear emoticon. I assume that the bear is for the Pretty Brown Eyes, cuz yesterday I ws him and blame him for always mengaku yang dialah Pretty Brown Eyes yg aku dok sebut2 kat wechat dulu. Menjerit-jerit la aku sambil tekap muka kat bantal busyuk ni. Pukul-pukul tilam ni tanda untuk meng-express kan feeling aku time tu.

Aku screen shot details ws dia, maksudnya boleh nampak gambar and status dia tu, and send it to Shazlin. Shazlin pun terkezut. Aku ni lagi lah, tak cukup nafas jadinya. Shazlin nasihat kan jangan ws dia dulu. Jangan tanya pasal gambar tu lagi. Just wait utk dia yang ws aku dulu and tengok la dia confess ke tak. Lin cakap, I need to play smart with this kind of situation. Maybe it is a trick. Who knows? Tapi kalau betul pun, kalau amir betul-betul maksudkannya from bottom of his heart, dia sendiri yang akan make first move untuk ws aku. I don't have to rush ask him about those picture and status. Let him explain himself about those things. All I have to do is just react normal and pretending tak nampak gambar tu. Normal? Buat-buat tak nampak? How can I have to react normal bila dah 'earthquake' macam ni?! T_T How can I pura-pura tak nampak gambar tu sedangkan diri I sendiri yang berdiri kat sebelah dia dalam gambar tu?! Can you tell me how????!?!?!!

Is this a dream? Is this a fairy tales? Is this a wonderland?
Is this a torture?

I simplify benda ni, handfon dia kena hijack by someone. Mesti ada orang main handphone dia ni pastu tukar gambar ws dia. I bet it's Nabil. Yeahhh Nabil. Yes, you are Nabil. Mesti Nabil ni usik handfon dia. Tapi Lin suruh aku Husnudzon and be patient. Huhuhu sabar ye Farhana. Kita tunggu, tengok esok jadi apa pulak.

Okay now, aku rasa puas sebab dalam luah kat sini. Agak sekian lama jugak tak bebl kat sini kan. Hahaha. Okay sis nak cauw dulu. Nak relaxkan diri ni. Effect kejutan dari Ichibukai belum habis reda lagi. Mohon untuk undur diri dulu ye. Thanks for read this midnight thoughts. Adioussss ~