Sunday, 16 August 2015

Seducing. Last Syawal 2015

Hai today was my third time for my parkour or free run training with Ichibukai. Well, actually yesterday they already planned to train at the field but when I ask everybody in the group, no one give respond and I end up to tapau a nasi pataya and ate it at my hostel. So this morning, the same thing happens again. They said the will be a training but everybody was still laying in their fancy bed or having their other activities. So I decided to have a date by take a few *actually a lots of pictures* shot of all those tree around GMI which was sedang berbunga bunga cantik jelita indah belaka. I asked Myra to accompany me walks around the GMI and vsco cam the trees. Well, you know me. Never stop VSCOcam-ing! Finally, the shots was really give me a satisfied breath. The flowers on those trees were really captivated my morning view. SubhannAllah...

In the evening, I went to sport complex after I finished my Asar prayer for the parkour training. This time only me and some new member in our society, Najimii join parkour with Ichibukai. Well, he's arrived right at the right time I arrived at the sport complex. Congratess, bro for being on time! So we warmed up and do some basics training and did obstacle run. But sadly thou, the weather was not good for us to do a free run around GMI. It was a heavily rain during that time. Tapi bila dah tengok Ichibukai and Nadjimii still practice the jump so I just follow them. Ichibukai asked me to follow what ever jump style he did. I pun cuba tiru dia buat. I did over and over again. Technically, dia lagi style kut buat. I buat, alahaii rasa macam tak buat pun ada. Sampai Ichibukai pulak ketawakan I. Huhu malu ahh cenggini. *tutup muka*

During I tengah cuba psycho diri I untuk lompat je rather than think to much that the tembok is not that tall to lompat, me and Ichibukai had some nice chit chat. He make the first move thou. First, he ask me about Pretty Brown Eyes since I replying my ws message to Sariyah *I ask her to angkatkan jemuran di luar dorm cuz hujan lebat, I'm worry if my laundry terkena tempias* So he thought that I was texting with Pretty Brown Eyes. I automatically denied it. Ughh obviously he read my stupid moments about Pretty Brown Eyes at wechat. he using the terms to get Pretty Brown Eyes during the obstacle run. Man! Do you really need to use that kind of concept to help me in this training?! Pleaseeee.... I absolutely have no relationship with Pretty Brown Eyes laa. It's just that I only admired him okayyy. Not that I have that officially relationship with him *Yeahh I know I used to have a crush on him* And we talked about his eyes. He keep bringing the Pretty Brown Eyes things up.

"Cuba awak bayangkan Pretty Brown Eyes tu kat depan sana tapi awak kena lepasi halangan ni untuk dapatkan dia"

"Tengah ws dengan Pretty Brown Eyes letew"

"Pretty Brown Eyes tu mata dia memang pretty brown sangat ke?"

"Mata saya pun color brown jugak"

"Iyeke mata awak color brown jugak?" Dia angguk and make that bunny face. Dehell man? Do you really have to do that? Cuz my heart beat a drum when you do that :/ and I have no idea why on earth I felt that way. hurmmm

"Tapi kena tengok dekat dekat lah baru nampak color cokelat tu" siap tutup mata dia dengan tangan dia lagi, taknak bagi aku tengok mata dia. LOL

Dude, are you asking me to examined your eyes and give a dead look through your eyes just to make sure that your eyes is a brown color? Seriously?! Do you think I would do that? No way man! Nanti rapuh ah sis kalau tengok mata you lama lama. Iman sis tak kuad! >_<

Kalau sis nak check betul ke idok mata you color brown, nanti sis tengok ahh time you facing the morning sunshine. Time tu nanti sis tahu lah mata you tu Pretty Brown Eyes ke idokk. Huhuhu.

We finish our training at 1919pm. I have to off to get ready for my Netball Sparkles Jamuan Raya. So yeah, I celebrated the last Syawal with Sparkles at Abang Deen 's house at the staff quaters. The menu was absolutely filled what my stomach want. Sate, nasi impit, laksa, nasi tomato, cocktail juice for the desert. Wahhh really yummy laa my dinner tadi. Yumm yumm yumm...the whole day I keep my 'tank' empty 'till I starved to death. I only ate Maggi Tomyam after the Zohor and after Asar, training parkour, and rushed for these Jamuan raya. What a total worth it dinner hah? Alhamdulillah kenyang perut sis :D

I went back to hostel around 2230pm. Perut sudah kenyang, dah puas photoboom and photoshot sana sini, habis sudah camera orang aku mencelah, then sis pun pulanglah ke hostel semula. Thank you, Sparkles for the jamuan raya. It's a really awesome last syawal to celebrate with uolls! I love Sparkles! muahh muahh mauhh xoxo love *flying kiss! ^3^*
Sunday, 9 August 2015

le' Brown Eyes (part 7)

Hai uolls.

Jumaat lepas sis jumpa Pretty Brown Eyes sis. Oppss! Sis punya ke? Hahaha. Yelaaa, sis punya lah. Sis sorang je yang panggil dia Pretty Brown Eyes. Actually nak jumpa dia hari Khamis tapi terpaksa ditundakan pada hari Jumaat. Sebab my partner, Shazlin busy sikit hari Khamis tu. Dia buat open house. So sis punya plan nak balik Puchong malam hari Khamis tu pun terpaksa dibatalkan.

Jumpa Pretty Brown Eyes sebab nak discuss pasal supplier hoodie. Around 330pm, jumpa dia kat Golden Finger Cafe. Yeahhh, I and Shazlin are officially take over the GMI hoodies! Whoot whoot whottt ! *make some noise* :D Okay it is truly honour to be your distributor, Nazhif *kenyit mata sikit :P* Well, lepas ni semua GMIans will looking forward to me and Shazlin for the hoodies. Especially to the junior. I know they are salivating to grab the hoodies.

Nazhif kata, for the first preorder ni *August-September batch* he will help me and Shazlin arrange about the supplier. Macam yang sebelum ni laa. We olls collect the preorders and he will help us supply the hoodies to customers. The place still the same, Golden Finger Cafe. Hehehe. Secara tak sengaja tempat tu jadi unofficial port kami mengedar 'barang' kepada pelanggan.

Once dah dapat jumpa Pretty Brown Eyes tu, sis apa lagi. Happy tu of coz laa. Lama kut tak jumpa dia. Last jumpa pun last sem masa bagi hoodie lebih kat dia tu. Pastu dia dah habis FYP terus takde jumpa dah. Mula mula sis samapai cafe dulu jumpa dia, Shazlin belum sampai lagi. So I take a chance tanya khabar semua, what's his update and bla bla bla. Then Shazlin datang we all proceed to the business talk. Dalam kepala sis, dah bermacam macam soalan customer pasal hoodie sis listkan nak tnya pada dia. Sekali tanya, pum pam pum pam dia jawab. Sis pun dengar lah dengan tekun jawapan dia tu. Focus tu of coz laa. And his eyes, of coz...such a beautiful brown eyes *blink blink blink gitu :3* plus the beautiful curl of his eyes lashes. Awwhhhhohohohohho CAPTIVATED *okay enough!*


Then habis meeting, sis terus balik Puchong. Sampai Puchong pukul 4.45pm. Tengok katil dalam bilik terus mengantuk. Then sis pun dating with my fancy bed :)

Okay that's all for now. Nazhif sis update lagi okayyy. Adiousss ~
Sunday, 2 August 2015

Parkour. Hoodie. Birthday girl

Semalam 1 Ogos, semua tahu kat mereka mereka buat demo kat Sogo semalam, hashtag #TangkapNajib wat-so-ever tulaa. But sorry, I'm gonna talk about politic right now. I'm not a political experts.

Okay so semalam, I started my first August by crushing-off my morning ego with Parkour. Parkour? You do parkour, Hanna?! Seriously?! Hahaha yup. I just started training parkour nowadays. Sis training dengan one of my hoodie customer. I called him Ichibukai. Hahaha sound weird right. Masa mula mula jual hoodie dulu dia yang letak ws id dia "Ichibukai" and sampai sekarang sis panggil dia dengan nama tu. Okay so I training parkour with this guy. Ichibukai is so-called my official trainer laa. Hahaha. Dia ajar sis basic jump, freerun, rolling and how to break all the obstacles.

And pagi semalam, was my second day training. We olls tarining kat padang. Janji pukul 730am. But u know, the moment when you're dealing your time with the dudes, never expect them to be on time. So yeah, he's late. Btw dia duduk luar dah this sem. Warm up and training dengan dia dulu. He teach me how to melepasi the tembok merah kat sport complex tu. I watched him do the demo. Then I was like "Wowww hebatnya!". Then he ask me to do the same thing. Then I do. At first memang kelakar. It's like you're trying to belajar berjalan. After I do, he said that my wrist need to go forward too. Ohh okey, obviously he observed my movement which is make me blushed. Then he teach me using both hand while jump over the obstacle. Sis try over and over again. Practice makes perfect right. Then sorang sorang kawan dia datang. The first one I not recognized who was it, but the second it was Fuzzackey. Fazari Zaki. Okayy one of the Sparkles is doing parkour too. Then kami semua belajar panjat tembok laa, panjat pagar laa, jump from the higher place, rolling while landing and so on.

While mereka bertiga sibuk train styles masing-masing, sis pulak sibuk practice nak lompat guna dua belah tangan tu. Practice pratice practice then suddenly I tersilap langkah then my whole body hit the floor hard. VERY HARD! and it's VERY HURTS! T_T I felt like the world is shaking off  like the Malaysian feel how shocking the news about the Cabinet Reshuffle. Pain demand to be felt! *quotes from TFIOS* I sit straight and I looked up. The boys already there, watching me, staring at me, feel sorry for me, and asked...

"Awak okay tak?"
"Awak okay tak?"
"Awak okay tak?"

Over and over again. Ughh am I look so fragile to them?! Then I standing straight, show them that I am perfectly fine! But actually inside it's really hurtttt T_T. Then mereka ajak pergi makan. Okay then I just followed them eat. It's not a parkour if you don't fall hurt.

And yesterday, Nazhif text me. Ohh my ohh my!!! O_o Happy nya sis. Lama benor sis tunggu dia ws sis. About hoodie of coz. He ask me the balance of last sem 6 hoodies. He told me to transfer the money once I sold them all. Well yeahh, 4 of them already been sold. Tinggal 2 je lagi. So I decided just transfer semua jelaa terus. Malas nak tunggu tunggu lagi. And next Thursday, he wanna meet me and Shazlin. Yesss that's what I wanna hear from you, boy. So the date is saved! Thursday, 6th August 2015, Golden Finger cafe maybe or library maybe. IDK. Ikut awak jelaa, Nazhif.

Today 2nd August. Happy birthday to my makdak Norita and to my housemate, Nadia Khaidzir. Happy last teenage year babe! Have a wonderful dayyy *tepuk tangan!* Hadiah nanti sis kasi ye. Ayu or Jelita. You choose Ayu then. So Im gonna get your "Ayu" *what the hell is Ayu and Jelita?* Nanti uolls tahu la hihihi.

Alright. Sampai di sini saja ucapan sis untuk awal August ni. Nanti sis borak lagi kat sini ye. Okay take uolls muah muah muahhhhh ^3^