Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Mother of Tempatan Fest 2015

*sila baca ucapan Assalamualaikum kat atas tu ye :)*

Hai uolls, Ahad lepas sis pergi MothaOfTempatanFest! Final TFRootsTour for 2015. This was my first Tempatan Fest in my life. Yelaaa before ni asyik tak dapat nak pergi je. Selalu kirim barang kat member2 je. But this time, sis pergi sendiri, shopping sendiri, menghabiskan duit sendiri, menghabiskan masa sendiri kat Tempatan Fest tu. Pergi sendiri tkde laa sangat. Thanks to bro Mu'az, who's gave me a lift to go there. He fetch me up from IOI and drove all the highway to Space U8, Shah Alam.

Once dah sampai kat Tempatan Fest tu memang havoc la citer dia kan. Last day of Mother of Tempatan Fest 2015 kotw! Gila tak havoc. Sis pun gigih lah mengembara ke seluruh pelusuk booth booth baju lokal kat situ, while Mu'az setia mengekori ku dari belakang. HAHAHA sian Mu'az, ikut je mana aku pergi.

Hasil pemburuan sis pada hari tersebut adalah, WulPak clothing, Rated Apparel, The Krikkers, The Lasp, and two beautiful bracelets from C-Ko Bracelet.

For WulPak Clothing, I bought for my lil bro, Ikmal Firdaus. I bought Wall Stain Sweatshirt which cost RM30. I bet if I buy online there is no way in hell the price will be cheap as RM30. So I grabbed one for size S. but too bad, Ikmal's pot belly won't fit in that sweatshirt. HUHU terbang duit sis. Baru nak tengok dia suwek-suwek dengan baju Wulpak tu. Luckily sis dia ni pulak yang muat pakai. LOL

Rated Apparel, i'm not kinda know about this brand tho. I just followed Mu'az to bought one for Kirin. While waiting him to make the purchase, I tengok-tengok la dulu baju yang lain kat booth Rated tu, and suddenly I found one dark blue sweatshirt with maroon stain, The Mist 'Midnight'. I grabbed one XL for my Angah. Mu'az told me to paid it 2 for RM90 since they were offered 1 for RM50 and 2 for RM90. Mu'az paid RM50 while me paid RM40. Hahaha murah RM10 boleh lahhh...

I bought The Krikkers for my lil annoys sister, Fika. I bought WARISAN t-shirt, which was only left size S, the last pair one! HAHA, lucky u sis! Then The Lasp is for me. I already lalu lalang at The Lasp booth for more than three times. Those dark blue denim long sleeve shirt really caught me captivated. Bro yg jaga booth tu dah bagi less RM45 and only left size M and left only 2 pair. I was like, THE HECK! If I tawaf this place one more round, definitely I will lose the shirt. HUHU. So I can't help with my nafsu shopping yang membuak-buak ni, and yeah I said "Saya beli ye" with my very sweet smile once the bro accept my payment. And there's my money fly away. Again T_T

I went to C-Ko bracelet twice, and had bought the bracelet twice also. First I bought it for Shazlin since her birthday will be coming soon in January. Second I bought it for Ihsan. My bad. I take a snapped of all those bracelets and post it to Ihsan. RM18 and RM13 for each. Cuz I knew Ihsan really want it one from Tempatan Fest. So yeah, he ask me to choose anything I like for him. After next sem, he will do the payment. Haha okay bro.

So yeah, after two hours tawaf-tawaf and pusing-pusing around those crowded and hustle and bustle Tempatan Fest, I chillin up with Mu'az at Hello Soda booth and ate Takoyaki. Fyi, I bumped into Silent Killer during my tawaf journey. What a surprise tho! When our eyes met, he said Hi and I spontaneously said Hi back. Hahaha no awkward at all tho.

Mu'az dropped me off at IOI bustop. Well, thanks, again for the ride bro. I really have a nice weekend there at Tempatan Fest. Can't wait for upcoming TFRootsTour in 2016! Yeahhh ~

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Last goals for Chapter 3

Gaisss. I'm done my Chapter 3 in GMI! Wuhoooo! *cheers* So basically, I only can conclude that my semester was full of Ichibukai, Ichibukai, Ichibukai, Ichibukai and Ichibukai. HAHA. And I'm gonna off to Puchong this noon and enjoy my two weeks of semester break. Actually I have three weeks holiday, but one week before the next sem registration day, I have SUKIPT training and I have to be back to GMI on January 6th 2016. Duhhhh ~_~

Last Thursday, I met him and Shadow to give them a big choco jar. Correction,; to give Amir a.k.a Ichibukai a big chocolate rice jar. I made it by myself, with all my true passion and love :P So yeah, actually that's my goals before I finish my semester 3. While everyone else were busy to strives for final and last paper, but I focus on The Very Special Choco Jar for Ichibukai ^3^ I told Akma that I need to be done this goal before end of semester 3. And last Tuesday I hunted all the ingridents; choco bar and bubble rice all around Bandar Baru Bangi. Alhamdulillah I found all the items in Yummie Barkery and Cake shop at Seksyen 7, Bandar Baru Bangi. I used to shop there with Akma tho during sem 1. That time we bought our items for Pre-Calculus project.

Thanks to my dearest room mates who help me bought all those things. After I got everything I want, I directly start to boiled the choco bar using Nad's rice cooker. Thanks to Mirah and Nad for the guidance. After I finished boiling the choco bar, of cuz the chocolate turns into some milky texture. Wahhh *salivating* :P Then I filled the big jar with bubbles rice and the chocolate. Alhamdulillah, I've got 5 choco jars. Semua bahan habis. Well, mission accomplished sis!

I gave one to Shazlin, one for Akma, one for Nabil, one for Alif and the last one, the big jar one for my very special and dearest parkour and freerun trainer, I C H I B U K A I :)

And yeah, last Thursday I've met him. Give him the choco jar and yeah, of coz I saw the happy face on him. So glad that he likes it. I know he really craving for chocolate rice. That's why I decided to make one for him, for free, before end of semester 3. And Alhamdulillah, mission double accomplished! Yeayyyyy ^_^ The moment I want to give him these very special choco jar, I had to cast a highly professional way in front of him. I had to 'cover cun' habis in front of him, since I know his ws picture that was he with me during the Borneo Club MPU4 event. So I had to try hard to not to obviously care about that picture. Tipu laa kalau aku tak terkejut! I standing right next to him in that picture laa! HAHAHA. Sabar jelaa daripada terus bertanyakan pasal benda tu. Huhuhu.

So yeah, my goals were done! See, the more u focus on what you want, the more chances for it to happen. Congratulation sis! Yeayyy for that! *Applause*

Ichibukai really enjoys the chocolate rice, a big jar chocolate rice special from me, he currently used a picture which i was standing right next to him for the ws picture,. What was all this means? Is this mean that I'm not bertepuk sebelah tangan? Wahhhhh... we'll see it in chapter 4 :)

*p/s: Anyone else wanna cheers or disappoint me in 2015, you all have about 12 days starting from today. Thank you ;)
Thursday, 17 December 2015

Red alert. Flashing lights. Yellow caution tape.


Yup. Speechless ~

Only speechless I can describe right now.
Where I need to start huh? From left to right? From right to left? From back to front? From front to back? From top to bottom? From bottom to top?

Speechless in my current situation is; the fellas, the dudes, the boys who I currently be friends with are absolutely going mad and drive me super damn crazyyyyyy!!!! I had to admit, I've got many confessions about love, heart-to-heart feeling, just be friend's oath and so on during these week from them.

Ingat nak ws Ichibukai pasal choco jar yang aku buat petang tadi. Tapi bila aku nak click je nama dia kat list ws aku, tindakan aku automatic terbantut once I saw his ws picture. His current ws pictureee. It was me and him in that picture! Me and him! I repeat, only me and him in that picture. His ws picture!

Like, S E R I O U S L Y ? ? ? O_o

Mimpi apa pulak lah si Amir ni letak gambar ws aku dengan dia ni?! I absolutely have no idea where the hell he got that picture. And his current ws status is red heart emoticon and a bear emoticon. I assume that the bear is for the Pretty Brown Eyes, cuz yesterday I ws him and blame him for always mengaku yang dialah Pretty Brown Eyes yg aku dok sebut2 kat wechat dulu. Menjerit-jerit la aku sambil tekap muka kat bantal busyuk ni. Pukul-pukul tilam ni tanda untuk meng-express kan feeling aku time tu.

Aku screen shot details ws dia, maksudnya boleh nampak gambar and status dia tu, and send it to Shazlin. Shazlin pun terkezut. Aku ni lagi lah, tak cukup nafas jadinya. Shazlin nasihat kan jangan ws dia dulu. Jangan tanya pasal gambar tu lagi. Just wait utk dia yang ws aku dulu and tengok la dia confess ke tak. Lin cakap, I need to play smart with this kind of situation. Maybe it is a trick. Who knows? Tapi kalau betul pun, kalau amir betul-betul maksudkannya from bottom of his heart, dia sendiri yang akan make first move untuk ws aku. I don't have to rush ask him about those picture and status. Let him explain himself about those things. All I have to do is just react normal and pretending tak nampak gambar tu. Normal? Buat-buat tak nampak? How can I have to react normal bila dah 'earthquake' macam ni?! T_T How can I pura-pura tak nampak gambar tu sedangkan diri I sendiri yang berdiri kat sebelah dia dalam gambar tu?! Can you tell me how????!?!?!!

Is this a dream? Is this a fairy tales? Is this a wonderland?
Is this a torture?

I simplify benda ni, handfon dia kena hijack by someone. Mesti ada orang main handphone dia ni pastu tukar gambar ws dia. I bet it's Nabil. Yeahhh Nabil. Yes, you are Nabil. Mesti Nabil ni usik handfon dia. Tapi Lin suruh aku Husnudzon and be patient. Huhuhu sabar ye Farhana. Kita tunggu, tengok esok jadi apa pulak.

Okay now, aku rasa puas sebab dalam luah kat sini. Agak sekian lama jugak tak bebl kat sini kan. Hahaha. Okay sis nak cauw dulu. Nak relaxkan diri ni. Effect kejutan dari Ichibukai belum habis reda lagi. Mohon untuk undur diri dulu ye. Thanks for read this midnight thoughts. Adioussss ~
Monday, 21 September 2015

Esc by Budak Tomato at Iman Shoppe

Hey peps. I was coincidently had spent my Sunday at Iman Shoppe @ Serdang. Well, Akma asked me to accompany her jaga kedai together. What a last min request from her. She called me this morning and we have a negotiation. So I decided to teman her jaga kedai.

Actually we have to be at Iman Shoppe before 930am. But we were a bit late, so yeah we arrived it at almost 10am. Blerhhh, it was me that cause the late. I felt terribly bad to Akma. I'm sorry, sis! T_T

So yeah. I was having a really good time date with all the books at Iman Shoppe. For the first time, I've step in to Akma's work place and the nice smell of vanila fresh air was a really nice scent for my nostrils. Hewhewhehe :D Plus the smell of thousands of new books. Wahhh *salivating* and the decoration of the bookstore, was really neat and stylish. There's so many reading corner for customer to having a free reading time. Ohh maii...I felt I was soooo in wonderlanddd ^_^

Sis pun tak ketinggalan jugak baca buku free free je kat situ. Sampai khatam sis baca. Hahaha *bukan selalu eh nak habiskan satu buku dalam satu hari* Akma recommended a Esc by Budak Tomato for me to read. She said that Iman Publication is having a photo contest at Instagram. You just need to take a shot with Esc book and write your review about the book less than 100 words. Then post it at your own Instagram and tag to @imanpublication and put a #EscMato in your caption/review. Of coz u have to unprivated your Instagram account so that the @ImanPublication can see your photo.

I kinda interested with the photo contest. I decided want to take a roughly shots and Akma need to give her review for the caption. But Akma forced me to read by myself and write my own review about the book. Okay challenge is accepted then! I read it until the last page. In less that half of the day I've finished read the Esc book by Budak Tomato. Wahhh congratulation geek! Hahahaha :D

After finished it, I've take a number of rapid shots of the book. Akma had helps me with the lighting and the tools for the book to 'posing' . *buku pun kena posing jugak eh?* Ehhh?? Hahaha what ever laa. Setelah berpuas hati dengan hasil mamarazzi buku Esc tu, aku pun tekun la mengedit dengan vsco cam. Yeah I'll never stop vscocam-ing hehehe! I and Akma had discussed what a bombastic words need to put for the review/caption of the photo. For more review/caption for the book, u guys can check it out at my Instagram @hannazamri.

Well, I'm not expecting to be a winner *even thou hadiah nya akan dapat t-shirt officially by Iman Publication* I'm just enjoy do the shot and editing with vsco cam. Well it's just me, the Farhana Zamri who loves photography and editing. Wehehehehe :D
Saturday, 19 September 2015

GMI Colour Run 2015

Assalamualaikum. Hai uolls.

Siang tadi sis ada program dengan bebudak GMI Bowling Club. Sis join dorang punya event Colour Run charity for homeless. Colour run yow! Biasa nya selalu tengok omputih buat je, but hari ni sis officially dah merasa sendiri colour run kat kampuss sis sendiri. Hehehe :D

Best gilaaaa...

Awesome gilaaaa...

Gempak gila....

Actually sis nak pergi GMI Amazing Race, kinda macam explorace sikit. Tapi Amazing race ni kena ada 3 orang untuk satu team. At first sis dah ada team, team dengan Syed, Amirul and me myself. But disebabkan sis ni selfish sangat, nak jugak Amir join sekali so sis tengah tanpa rasa bersalah telah mengsingkir kan Amirul dari team sis dan gantikan dengan Amir. Mana tak nya brader tu tak keciwa dengan kata putus dari sis ni. But at the end, team sis tak pergi pun Amazing Race ni, sebab bro Syed terpaksa cancel tarik diri. He have another last min agenda on the same day too. Ughhh. Then I ask Amirul again, nak join ke taknak. Haha memang tak tahu malu kan? Dah buang lepas tu kutip balik. And Amirul pun kata taknak join. Okay I deserve that then. Tulaa selfish lagi! Kan dah kena cancel satu team. And at the same time sis pun dah kecewakan Amir yg dah semangat nak Ber-Amazing Race. Good job, Hana!

GMI Amazing Race cancel, then sis decided nak join Color run yang dianjurkan oleh GMI Bowling Club. Tu pun last min join. Jumaat semalam baru decided nak join. Sebab kat dalam kelas Andy bagitahu yang dia join Colour Run and Halimi jadi photographer. Sis pun apa lagi? Dorang pun pergi Colour Run, sis pun busy body nak pergi jugak. Hahaha. Well, yeah kebetulan jugak kelab bowling ni pun dibawah naungan TTO yang sama dengan kelab GMI Netball Sparkles jugak. Hehehe. So apa salahnya kalau aku support program dorang jugak kan. Btw, it's a Colour Run yow! Bestt tuu...

So the GMI Color Run was held by Syafiq Arshad punya MPU4 group. The moment sis nak register nama and amik baju pagi tadi, I saw the geng geng MPU4 for Netball Amal ni pun ada jugak. Okay ni semua geng geng Arshad and Anis Jack.

Sis join program ni sorang2 je tau. Takde pun bawak geng geng gegirls ke apa ke. Just a lone ranger who's so semangat nak marathon pagi Sabtu ni. Buddyz or gegirls sis masing2 semua busy dengan program MPU4 mereka. Maka sis pun berseorangan lah pergi enjoy kat Color Run. Sis ada jumpa jugak Siti *netballers* join sekali event ni. I thought I will run together with her. But I was run faster than her so I was uncoincidentally leaved her behind with all her buddyz. Well, I want a marathon, not a giggling time with dudes. Sis ada jugak lepak dengan Andy, Halimi and En Tem, since dorang je yang sis kenal and boleh ajak borak kat program tu.

The best and awesome and gempak segempak gempak part was the Color Party! Kami semua baling color kat semua orang. Tak kesah ahh kenal ke tak orang tu. Janji fun! Hahaha. Sis banyak attack dengan geng geng Arshad *they the only group of dudes that I kinda barely know* Since dorang pun sporting je dengan sis, sis pun huha huha dengan mereka jelaa. Elehhh dorang pun kenal sis jugak, sama satu kelab MPU4. And cmon la, this is Farhana Zamri. Siapa tak kenal kan? Babahahahaha :P. So lepak dengan dorang, selfie dengan dorang, photoboom dengan dorang, baling-baling colors dekat dorang, dorang baling color kat sis. Ohh maaii best gilaaa...memang enjoy gila lahh hari ni hahahaha.

Well, biasa selalu scroll timeline kat twitter orang selalu tuit

"RT if you want to go to Color Run.""Go to color run with buddyz.""Bucket list with friends: Enjoy at Colour Run.""#relationshipgoals : Go to colour Run."

And Alhamdulillah, hari ni sis sendiri merasa fun nyaaaa Color run ni. Memang enjoy gila pagi tadi. Until now I still feel the vibe! Rasa tak puas lagi nak 'serang' orang dengan serbuk warna warni tu hahaha. So boleh lah sis kata "Go to Colour Run with buddyz, check!" *hakikat nya sis datang seorang diri huhuhu* But who's the hell care sorang ke ramai. Yang penting kita ENJOYYYY! Thank you GMI Bowling Club for the awesome event for today! Yeayyy :D

Monday, 14 September 2015

le' Brown Eyes (Part 8) : Farewell Message

Hai guysss. I have great news!!!

My Pretty Brown eyes is heading to Scotland, UK by tomolooooo!!!

Wahh wahhh *tepuk tangan!*

Well, aku nak cakap yang aku sangat terharu dan sangat sangat sangat bangga dengan Nazhif. Huhuhu. And aku rasa sangat bersyukur sebab dapat kenal dia. Yelaa, dapat berbisnes jual hoodies dengan dia lah paling best. Teringat pulak semua moment aku jumpa dia bagi payment and details and amik hoodie tu semua. Oh maiiii. Sekejap nya masa berjalannnn. Esok dia nak fly ke UK dah huwarhhhhh T_T

Taktahu nak kata apa dah, sebab yeah I really surprizess gila bila dia bagitahu dia nak fly UK esok. Tu pun nasib baik aku ws dia tanyakan pasal hoodie customer untuk bulan Sept 2015 ni. Kalau aku tak tanya, memang tak lah dia nak reply ws gua lagi lepas ni. Fuhhh kira last min jugak lah aku ws dia. Kalau tak memang number dah tiada dalam perkhidmatan laa.

Tadi ws dia, dia kata hoodie tu esok adik dia Naim akan hantarkan. Hahaha. I hope I can recognize Naim. Bcoz yeha, I used to stalk all Nazhif's siblings and also his parents instagram. hewhehew :P So I kinda know which Naim is. Hopefully then...and Nazhif also told me that after me and Shazlin need to contact with his gepreng, Yaya to deal with the upcoming hoodie preorders. And I was like, "Ouhhhhhhkayyyyyy"

That's mean I have to officially contact with her asking the update about hoodie, like I used to do to Nazhif before? Yeahhh it is! Hahahaha mampus aku nak kena berbisnes dengan awek dia pulak. Apa lah si Nazhif ni cerita kat awek dia pasal aku ni kan? Yelaaa, sepanjang 8 bulan lebih aku berbisnes hoodie dengan Nazhif, dah macam macam aral melintang aku hadapi masa berbisnes dengan Nazhif ni, agaknya apalah Nazhif ni cakap kat awek dia ye? Well, I can't predict it.

So yeah, Nazhif is going to Scotland, UK tomorrow. Hahaha I'm still shock okayyy with the news! T_T Terharu, bangga, bersyukur, gembira, sedih semua aku rasa sekarang ni. Well, just nak wish may you get what you want in you life, Nazhif. Have a safe flight tomorrow. Insha Allah, I and Shazlin gonna take a good care of your hoodie business :D Have a save journey. And yeahhh say "Hi" to Harry Style okayy ! Hahaha :D

I'll see you when I see you, Pretty Brown Eyes ;)
Friday, 11 September 2015

Crushed to the ground

Hai geng! Ehh wait...sejak bila kau ada geng ni? Elehhh biar laa

Well, hari tu aku dah membebel, meluahkan semua isi buku hati aku ni cakap pasal design t-shirt aku yang gempak tu kena reject mentah-mentah depan semua orang *ouhhh pelisss I don't want to remember about it again! T_T* Patah seribu aku dibuatnya. Huhuhuhuh

Okay so last Sunday, was my moment of triumph. Wuhoo yeayyy! Why it's my moment of triumph? Yeahh bcoz a few of  my to-do-list things was done! :D The best part was my morning service. Hehehe. Well, the Saturday was my worst day for me. First I went for parkour but no one there at the Sport Complex except the JPAM troop doing their marching practice. So Ichibukai were also on that marching. Practice kawad. And petang tu I went to padang again to check out if any Freerunners turun training. But sadly no one came. So no parkour for Saturday. Ughhh what a waste!


That morning I wen to padang, early. Always, huhu. Actually, it was kinda bit late thou. I keluar dari hostel pun 830am. And when i arrived to the padang, still no one there. Haiyaaa how long laa I need to wait people like dis, all the time? Then I proceed to do warm up first while waiting for them to show up.

Ichibukai sampai dulu, but he didn't recognize me at there. He thought that I was the makcik cleaner. Lol. Then Aina datang. She yelled my name "Farhanaaaaaa" happily. Whoaaa someone's really semangat nak parkour hari ni. Ingatkan aku sorang je semangat. Me and Aina jogged around the campus then buat vaults. Goshhh I was gasping for air! But then Aina felt boring already then she run to the tengah tengah padang and do wateva she wants. Star jump, hand stand, rolling and watsoeva laa. She shouted my name from tengah tengah padang while I was busy with my almost success vaults jump. She ask me to come to her and do wateva I know. Well, I'm sorry. I have to say that I am still barely new with this parkour and stunts. Don't expect me to know everything to do that all.

Then Ichibukai ask both me and Aina to train flip jump. Since at that padang we have that tilam pembalut tiang goal rugby, Ichibukai used that as an obstacles for us to do the flip. Me and Aina bergilir gilir buat flip. Aina did better. Of cozz she was. While me was like berguling-guling like I just throwing myself to the ground. I bet you guys will LOL when u watch me do the flip. It's really funny thou. I also felt the funny. And yeahh, Ichibukai and Aina burst into laugh. I do over and over again bcoz Ichibukai keep force me to do it again and again. He asks me to land it with my feet. Not throwing myself hard to the ground T_T *seriously! sangat sakit dohh* I keep do it over and over again and he just observed my move. He says do this and that, don't do this and that, and bla bla bla. Hahaha.

Lari lari lari
then flip
then I terlentang!

*over and over again* I dont know. Maybe a zillions time I tergolek depan Ichibukai. Huhuhu.

Duhh obviously Ichibukai were really enjoy watched me tergolek terguling sana sini. I was kinda shy and blushed tho. Huhuhu. I never tergolek terguling teruk macam tu in front of other guy. I think he really enjoys that morning. Watch out, Ichibukai! Lower your gaze! Or I will pin your eyes with a fork bahahahaaha.

But yeah, I was really glad that I have parkour on that Sunday. Which mean, my first to-do-list thing was done perfectly *senyum lebar lebar :)*
Thursday, 3 September 2015

September and her day

Heyy peps! It's already September thou. Cepatnya masa berjalan kan. Need to appreciate my last teenage year very very very good. What are you talking about Hana? Okay aku nak bagi tahun ni tahun yang gempak la. Zaman terakhir REMAJA kan. Hahaha. Next year dah umur 20 tahun. Semakin meningkat angka umur aku ni.

Well, okay semalam hari Rabu, 2nd Sept 2015. Happy last teenage year to my Silent Killer. Ehh wait! My Silent Killer? Seriously Hana? He still your Silent Killer? After everything he did to you, you still called him 'your' Silent Killer? ouhh pelisss la girl! You need to move on and kiss his ass! Okay Happy Birthday to you, JERK! and congratulation for your breakup relationSHIT! Wuhooo !

And setiap hari Rabu aku ada kelas MPU4 start 1400 - 1700. MPU4 semalam we all discuss pasal update terkini mengenai sumbangan yang kami dapat untuk Netball Amal ni and progression on our program. Banner, bunting, poster, sponsor, vendors, and our official Netball Amal t-shirt. About that t-shirt aku dah volunteer untuk design kan.Cuti merdeka empat hari yang lepas memang aku habiskan masa dengan Photoshop and Photoscape je, mengedit design baju untuk program ni. Memang aku design gempak gempak punya lah pakai semua idea creative aku ni. Mengalahkan Rizal Man kau tahu aku design baju tu. Sampai pukul 4 pagi aku melayan dua photo editor tu.

And semalam aku present lah hasil kerja aku tu kat semua ahli ahli Netball Amal program tu. Sebelum aku present tu aku dah war war kan design aku tu kat semua group MPU4 tu dalam whatsapp. And aku mendapat banyak positive feedback. Alhamdulillah. Tapi bila semalam aku present ada pulak 2-3 orang makhluk tuhan ni yang membidas mereject design aku mentah mentah kat depan kelas tu. OMG you have no idea how I could handle that feeling on that moment. Aku dah lah sorang sorang present kat depan tu. Depa dok 'tembak' aku pakai sekali gus tiga bazuka. How could a girl like me can handle all that. Dorang reject sebab harga RM35 mahal. Cmon laa. Aku tengok gaya korang berpakaian semua set set kau beli kat tempatan fest, baju lokal yang harganya kalah Uniqlo and H&M. T-shirt aku harga RM35 sebab kualiti and brand yg tahan lama kau dah bising satu Bangi! Ughhh!

Pastu dorang semua decided tukar buat design baru. Datang kat depan kelas then dorang pun lukis laa design t-shirt dorang yang save RM10 dari harga t-shirt aku tu. Time tengah design tu ramai dorang nak kena dengar permintaan ahli-ahli yang lain pulak. Nak design macam tulaa, nak design macam ni laa. Pastu setengah jam dah buang masa dengar semua apa kepala dorang nak. And korang pun dah serabut nak buat design macam mana. Hahh padan muka korang! On your face, dude! Hahaha. Kan senang kalau proceed je design aku yang dah siap tu. Takpayah nak fening-fening tukar design baru, nak puaskan hati orang. Miss Maz, our orang kuat and berpengaruh kat GMI and untuk kelab netball ni pun dah cun dengan design aku tu. Miss siap nak tolong deal sengan supplier lagi. At the end, dorang punya design memang tak lawa.

Ulang suara,


Pastu nak print font tu semua pakai spray je. I was like, "Wadehelmet man?!" Kau nak bagi we olls pakai baju quality main spray spray macam kau spray perfume kat body kau ke? I can't imagine how that t-shirt will look like. Ughh hopefully I still got my swag style when I wear that t-shirt. Huhuhu. And paling tak boleh bla, one of tiga sekawan tu boleh buat muka tak malu minta logo yang officially created by me yang ada kat design aku tu. Wadehelmet man?! Tak malau ke? Kau dah reject design aku pastu boleh buat muka taktahu malu minta base logo yang aku design. Pftttt...

Bila design sendiri dah kena reject, siapa yang tak terasa kan? Well, aku pun manusia biasa. Aku pun terasa bila dorang reject design aku tu. Yelaaa aku penat-penat design siang malam last2 kena reject, siapa yang tak terasa. Tu belum lagi kira macam mana perasaan rasa bersalah aku nak bagitahu kat Siddiq, yang design aku ni tak jadi nak proceed. Siddiq dah banyak tolong aku. Dia dah banyak kali turun naik jumpa suplier nak deal harga design t-shirt aku ni. Huhuhu.

Petang tu lepas habis kelas MPU4, memang meroyan la aku dalam bilik. Memang merungut habis habisan laa.Mengomel sorang2 dalam bilik tu. Pastu dengan rasa bersalah yang menggunung dalam jiwa ni kat Siddiq. Wa nak cakap apa kat Siddiq? Sorry? Tu je wa boleh bagi kat dia setelah apa dia buat untuk wa? Huhuhhh tahniah Hana! You are the best appreciated person ever!

Kekecewaan aku sampai sekarang masih terasa lagi. Tapi Alhamdulillah. Malam tadi, aku pergi AGM Netball Sparkles July 2015. And guess what? I've been selected as as new vice secretary! Yeay or nay??? Huhu. It's a really tough position and responsibility tho. But you know me right? Of course i will play my role with the right manners. In sha Allah everything is gonna be okay as long as you do the right thing. Yeahhh yukenduit sis! Kipidap! Dongibab! Ohh maii rosak bahasa inggeris -.-
Sunday, 16 August 2015

Seducing. Last Syawal 2015

Hai today was my third time for my parkour or free run training with Ichibukai. Well, actually yesterday they already planned to train at the field but when I ask everybody in the group, no one give respond and I end up to tapau a nasi pataya and ate it at my hostel. So this morning, the same thing happens again. They said the will be a training but everybody was still laying in their fancy bed or having their other activities. So I decided to have a date by take a few *actually a lots of pictures* shot of all those tree around GMI which was sedang berbunga bunga cantik jelita indah belaka. I asked Myra to accompany me walks around the GMI and vsco cam the trees. Well, you know me. Never stop VSCOcam-ing! Finally, the shots was really give me a satisfied breath. The flowers on those trees were really captivated my morning view. SubhannAllah...

In the evening, I went to sport complex after I finished my Asar prayer for the parkour training. This time only me and some new member in our society, Najimii join parkour with Ichibukai. Well, he's arrived right at the right time I arrived at the sport complex. Congratess, bro for being on time! So we warmed up and do some basics training and did obstacle run. But sadly thou, the weather was not good for us to do a free run around GMI. It was a heavily rain during that time. Tapi bila dah tengok Ichibukai and Nadjimii still practice the jump so I just follow them. Ichibukai asked me to follow what ever jump style he did. I pun cuba tiru dia buat. I did over and over again. Technically, dia lagi style kut buat. I buat, alahaii rasa macam tak buat pun ada. Sampai Ichibukai pulak ketawakan I. Huhu malu ahh cenggini. *tutup muka*

During I tengah cuba psycho diri I untuk lompat je rather than think to much that the tembok is not that tall to lompat, me and Ichibukai had some nice chit chat. He make the first move thou. First, he ask me about Pretty Brown Eyes since I replying my ws message to Sariyah *I ask her to angkatkan jemuran di luar dorm cuz hujan lebat, I'm worry if my laundry terkena tempias* So he thought that I was texting with Pretty Brown Eyes. I automatically denied it. Ughh obviously he read my stupid moments about Pretty Brown Eyes at wechat. he using the terms to get Pretty Brown Eyes during the obstacle run. Man! Do you really need to use that kind of concept to help me in this training?! Pleaseeee.... I absolutely have no relationship with Pretty Brown Eyes laa. It's just that I only admired him okayyy. Not that I have that officially relationship with him *Yeahh I know I used to have a crush on him* And we talked about his eyes. He keep bringing the Pretty Brown Eyes things up.

"Cuba awak bayangkan Pretty Brown Eyes tu kat depan sana tapi awak kena lepasi halangan ni untuk dapatkan dia"

"Tengah ws dengan Pretty Brown Eyes letew"

"Pretty Brown Eyes tu mata dia memang pretty brown sangat ke?"

"Mata saya pun color brown jugak"

"Iyeke mata awak color brown jugak?" Dia angguk and make that bunny face. Dehell man? Do you really have to do that? Cuz my heart beat a drum when you do that :/ and I have no idea why on earth I felt that way. hurmmm

"Tapi kena tengok dekat dekat lah baru nampak color cokelat tu" siap tutup mata dia dengan tangan dia lagi, taknak bagi aku tengok mata dia. LOL

Dude, are you asking me to examined your eyes and give a dead look through your eyes just to make sure that your eyes is a brown color? Seriously?! Do you think I would do that? No way man! Nanti rapuh ah sis kalau tengok mata you lama lama. Iman sis tak kuad! >_<

Kalau sis nak check betul ke idok mata you color brown, nanti sis tengok ahh time you facing the morning sunshine. Time tu nanti sis tahu lah mata you tu Pretty Brown Eyes ke idokk. Huhuhu.

We finish our training at 1919pm. I have to off to get ready for my Netball Sparkles Jamuan Raya. So yeah, I celebrated the last Syawal with Sparkles at Abang Deen 's house at the staff quaters. The menu was absolutely filled what my stomach want. Sate, nasi impit, laksa, nasi tomato, cocktail juice for the desert. Wahhh really yummy laa my dinner tadi. Yumm yumm yumm...the whole day I keep my 'tank' empty 'till I starved to death. I only ate Maggi Tomyam after the Zohor and after Asar, training parkour, and rushed for these Jamuan raya. What a total worth it dinner hah? Alhamdulillah kenyang perut sis :D

I went back to hostel around 2230pm. Perut sudah kenyang, dah puas photoboom and photoshot sana sini, habis sudah camera orang aku mencelah, then sis pun pulanglah ke hostel semula. Thank you, Sparkles for the jamuan raya. It's a really awesome last syawal to celebrate with uolls! I love Sparkles! muahh muahh mauhh xoxo love *flying kiss! ^3^*
Sunday, 9 August 2015

le' Brown Eyes (part 7)

Hai uolls.

Jumaat lepas sis jumpa Pretty Brown Eyes sis. Oppss! Sis punya ke? Hahaha. Yelaaa, sis punya lah. Sis sorang je yang panggil dia Pretty Brown Eyes. Actually nak jumpa dia hari Khamis tapi terpaksa ditundakan pada hari Jumaat. Sebab my partner, Shazlin busy sikit hari Khamis tu. Dia buat open house. So sis punya plan nak balik Puchong malam hari Khamis tu pun terpaksa dibatalkan.

Jumpa Pretty Brown Eyes sebab nak discuss pasal supplier hoodie. Around 330pm, jumpa dia kat Golden Finger Cafe. Yeahhh, I and Shazlin are officially take over the GMI hoodies! Whoot whoot whottt ! *make some noise* :D Okay it is truly honour to be your distributor, Nazhif *kenyit mata sikit :P* Well, lepas ni semua GMIans will looking forward to me and Shazlin for the hoodies. Especially to the junior. I know they are salivating to grab the hoodies.

Nazhif kata, for the first preorder ni *August-September batch* he will help me and Shazlin arrange about the supplier. Macam yang sebelum ni laa. We olls collect the preorders and he will help us supply the hoodies to customers. The place still the same, Golden Finger Cafe. Hehehe. Secara tak sengaja tempat tu jadi unofficial port kami mengedar 'barang' kepada pelanggan.

Once dah dapat jumpa Pretty Brown Eyes tu, sis apa lagi. Happy tu of coz laa. Lama kut tak jumpa dia. Last jumpa pun last sem masa bagi hoodie lebih kat dia tu. Pastu dia dah habis FYP terus takde jumpa dah. Mula mula sis samapai cafe dulu jumpa dia, Shazlin belum sampai lagi. So I take a chance tanya khabar semua, what's his update and bla bla bla. Then Shazlin datang we all proceed to the business talk. Dalam kepala sis, dah bermacam macam soalan customer pasal hoodie sis listkan nak tnya pada dia. Sekali tanya, pum pam pum pam dia jawab. Sis pun dengar lah dengan tekun jawapan dia tu. Focus tu of coz laa. And his eyes, of coz...such a beautiful brown eyes *blink blink blink gitu :3* plus the beautiful curl of his eyes lashes. Awwhhhhohohohohho CAPTIVATED *okay enough!*


Then habis meeting, sis terus balik Puchong. Sampai Puchong pukul 4.45pm. Tengok katil dalam bilik terus mengantuk. Then sis pun dating with my fancy bed :)

Okay that's all for now. Nazhif sis update lagi okayyy. Adiousss ~
Sunday, 2 August 2015

Parkour. Hoodie. Birthday girl

Semalam 1 Ogos, semua tahu kat mereka mereka buat demo kat Sogo semalam, hashtag #TangkapNajib wat-so-ever tulaa. But sorry, I'm gonna talk about politic right now. I'm not a political experts.

Okay so semalam, I started my first August by crushing-off my morning ego with Parkour. Parkour? You do parkour, Hanna?! Seriously?! Hahaha yup. I just started training parkour nowadays. Sis training dengan one of my hoodie customer. I called him Ichibukai. Hahaha sound weird right. Masa mula mula jual hoodie dulu dia yang letak ws id dia "Ichibukai" and sampai sekarang sis panggil dia dengan nama tu. Okay so I training parkour with this guy. Ichibukai is so-called my official trainer laa. Hahaha. Dia ajar sis basic jump, freerun, rolling and how to break all the obstacles.

And pagi semalam, was my second day training. We olls tarining kat padang. Janji pukul 730am. But u know, the moment when you're dealing your time with the dudes, never expect them to be on time. So yeah, he's late. Btw dia duduk luar dah this sem. Warm up and training dengan dia dulu. He teach me how to melepasi the tembok merah kat sport complex tu. I watched him do the demo. Then I was like "Wowww hebatnya!". Then he ask me to do the same thing. Then I do. At first memang kelakar. It's like you're trying to belajar berjalan. After I do, he said that my wrist need to go forward too. Ohh okey, obviously he observed my movement which is make me blushed. Then he teach me using both hand while jump over the obstacle. Sis try over and over again. Practice makes perfect right. Then sorang sorang kawan dia datang. The first one I not recognized who was it, but the second it was Fuzzackey. Fazari Zaki. Okayy one of the Sparkles is doing parkour too. Then kami semua belajar panjat tembok laa, panjat pagar laa, jump from the higher place, rolling while landing and so on.

While mereka bertiga sibuk train styles masing-masing, sis pulak sibuk practice nak lompat guna dua belah tangan tu. Practice pratice practice then suddenly I tersilap langkah then my whole body hit the floor hard. VERY HARD! and it's VERY HURTS! T_T I felt like the world is shaking off  like the Malaysian feel how shocking the news about the Cabinet Reshuffle. Pain demand to be felt! *quotes from TFIOS* I sit straight and I looked up. The boys already there, watching me, staring at me, feel sorry for me, and asked...

"Awak okay tak?"
"Awak okay tak?"
"Awak okay tak?"

Over and over again. Ughh am I look so fragile to them?! Then I standing straight, show them that I am perfectly fine! But actually inside it's really hurtttt T_T. Then mereka ajak pergi makan. Okay then I just followed them eat. It's not a parkour if you don't fall hurt.

And yesterday, Nazhif text me. Ohh my ohh my!!! O_o Happy nya sis. Lama benor sis tunggu dia ws sis. About hoodie of coz. He ask me the balance of last sem 6 hoodies. He told me to transfer the money once I sold them all. Well yeahh, 4 of them already been sold. Tinggal 2 je lagi. So I decided just transfer semua jelaa terus. Malas nak tunggu tunggu lagi. And next Thursday, he wanna meet me and Shazlin. Yesss that's what I wanna hear from you, boy. So the date is saved! Thursday, 6th August 2015, Golden Finger cafe maybe or library maybe. IDK. Ikut awak jelaa, Nazhif.

Today 2nd August. Happy birthday to my makdak Norita and to my housemate, Nadia Khaidzir. Happy last teenage year babe! Have a wonderful dayyy *tepuk tangan!* Hadiah nanti sis kasi ye. Ayu or Jelita. You choose Ayu then. So Im gonna get your "Ayu" *what the hell is Ayu and Jelita?* Nanti uolls tahu la hihihi.

Alright. Sampai di sini saja ucapan sis untuk awal August ni. Nanti sis borak lagi kat sini ye. Okay take uolls muah muah muahhhhh ^3^
Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Hipster at GMI

Hai uolls *waving*

Today is my first day for my semester 3 at GMI. Well, memandang kan GMI dah ada new rules about the dress code, makin hipster bebudak hari ni aku tengok. Kalau dulu pergi kelas semua berbaju uniform kilang biru tu, or maroon bagi budak A level. Tapi hari ni, hahhhh kau macam nak pergi keyell je gayanya bebudak ni. Dari atas sampai lah ke hujung kaki semua stok stok branded depa pakai. Mana tak nya aku "fuhh fuhh" tengok dorang bergaya ke kelas pertama hari ni.

My ootd? Hahaha i'm still stick with the baju kilang biru tu. Bangga sikit wehh pakai baju kilang tu. Biar pi budak junior tahu aku ni hakak seniyorrrrr kat GMI *Senior ke? baru sophomore sis* Hahahaha :P. Once i pakai baju kilang tu biasa lah, ada jugak yang still "suit suit" "fuyoo fuyoo" kat sis kata "Ehhh...Dia pakai baju biru lagi wohhhh!" LOL Baru lah RARE kan? Junior tak ade uniform ni. Wekkkk :P

Lunch tadi lalu kat kafe hawa dengan Ecah and Alep. Deme pun pakai uniform jugak. Once bila kami lalu kat kafe tu semua mata-mata kat situ hala ke kami. Fuhhhh time tu rasa macam retisss jalan kat red carpet bhaiii hahahaha :P XD All eyes on you katanya! Of coz la dorang tahu kami ni sophomore hahahaha. *Berlagaknya kau nyahhhh -.-*

Kelas aku hari ni pagi je. Takde kelas petang. So boleh la sis relax sikit. Penat pulak cuci mata tengok environment baru kat kampus ni. Sis nak bagutahu ni. Sekarang sis tengah berkolaberasi dengan brader Siddiq Harry nak jual t-shirt GMI kat kampus ni. Just a simple t-shirt, a round neck t-shirt, navy blue color. Kalau nak order uolls boleh contact sis. Nanti sis sebarkan memorandum ke semua group ws okay?

And about hoodie pulak, malam tadi contact Nazhif dah. Nazhif sekarang sedang busy dengan outstation a.k.a sedang menjalani activity Camp Gel MARA kat Perak. No wonder la sis ws dia siang siang dia tak on ws. I thought dia tukar number. Rupa nya tengah bercamping. Okay then malam tadi baru sempat dia reply ws sis, bagitahu yang dia busy lagi dalam minggu ni. In sha Allah minggu depan sis and Shazlin will meet him to discuss about GMI hoodie. Cepat cepat lah balik ye Nazhif :D Taksyabar nak jumpa hihihihi *tutup mulut* 

Okay that's all laa nak borak hari ni. Now, sis nak cari idea macam mana nak balut hadiah untuk roomate sis ni. Sis dah beli hadiah untuk dia tapi belum bautkan lagi. So sekarang terpaksa tanya sistur Pinterest kita, cari idea nak buat present wrapping. Okayy nanti sis update lagi ye kat sini. Assalamualaikum ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Sunday, 26 July 2015

Busyness Woman at GMI

Hai uolls. Hahaha.

Hari ni aku sedang menikmati saat saat, minit minit, jam jam terakhir di rumah aku sebelum berangkat ke tanah jajahan, GMI. Ughhh malas doh nak balik hostel. Hahaha dah syok sangat kut jadi bibik tanpa gaji kat rumah ni selama sebulan lebih. Nak start sem baru pun malas. Okay barang pun semua dah siap packing. Malam ni iolls berangkat lerr.

Nak tahu tak...

Belum balik GMI lagi my handphone dah tung tang tung tang dengan ws daripada unknown GMians, asking about hoodie and GMI t-shirt. Alahaiii nak, sabar nakkk. Sis belum sampai GMi lagi ni. Nanti sampai GMI sis nak kena kemas hostel apabenda lagi huhu. Preorder sis open next week okay. Sis akan sebarkan memorandum ke seluruh pelusuk kampus GMI tu pasal hoodie and t-shirt okay. Number telipon sis pun akan sis sertakan pada memorandum tersebut. Sabar ye anak anak. Sis tahu sekarang uolls dah boleh bergaya sakan ke kelas nanti. So mesti uolls nak pakai hoodie and t-shirt GMI ni an an annn annn Hehehehe :D

Pasal hoodie tu satu hal. Sis kena jumpa, meeting dengan tukang design hoodie tu dulu then baru boleh lancarkan memorandum untuk uolls. Kena deal dulu dengan Nazhif, minta number telipon supplier and everything. Hoodie yang sem lepas lagi tak settle lagi. Still ada 3 hoodie belum bayar kat Nazhif lagi. Hmm...nanti kita bincang ye Nazhif. Ohh yaa, sis kena ws Nazhif, ask him bila free. Dia yang kata nak jumpa lepas sis register sem baru ni. Tapi dia kata nanti set date. Okayyy just follow u jelaa, Nazhif.

And about the T-shirt, sem lepas punya batch pun sis belum dapat lagi barangnya. Customer sudah bising bising tanya mana baju, mana t-shirt, nak pakai pergi kelas laa, nak pakai pergi dating laa, nak pakai pergi jenjalan laa. Macam macam ahh dorang tu. T-shirt ni pun kena tunggu supplier tu jugak. Haiyaaa sabar jelah sis -,-

Seriously, sis kena meeting, open table dengan dua orang brader ni, settle kan semua isu isu tersebut. This is business bro. I don't mess around! *huhhh marah ke sis? Sabar sis :)* Hahahaha. Sokay laa chill la, sis acah acah je tu. Okay dear u both of you, yang kacak handsome bergaya, please cooperate kindly and communicate regularly with me and update me about this thing. This is all about your products. They all are your customer and I'm just your runner. It is to be honour for me to take care every single thing about their orders *berlagak pulak minah ni :P* 

Okay that's all for now. Hopefully dapat jumpa dua orang brader ni dan settle kan masalah ni dengan segera ye :) Okayyy I'm heading to GMI now. See uolls at German okay! *waving*
Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Ruin eDast

Alhamdulillah hari ni dah masuk ramadhan yang ke-18. So far how's your puasa? Sudah ada yang cuti kah? hihihi

Okay guess what? Tudung eDast yang nak pakai raya kena kesan luntur! Huwaaaaa buruk nya tudung saya!!! T_T acano nak pakai raya??!?! Tudung yang aku order online untuk pakai raya dah sampai semalam, then nak hilangkan bau aku pun rendam la dengan pewangi kain, kasi hilangkan bau kedai tu. Yuckkss! Tapi aku tersilap. Aku campurkan sekali dengan skirt hitam yang baru aku beli. Tahu tahu tadi bilas kain tu semua, warna skirt tu luntur then tudung eDast aku warna kuning terang tu ada pattern baru pulak. Lahaiii nakkk >_< Buruk betul rupenya tudung tu bila dah kena warna luntur tu. Mampus Aidilfitri pertama aku, tak vogue la nanti!

Aku pun dengan gigih pergi google "MACAM MANA NAK HILANGKAN KESAN LUNTUR PADA BAJU" hahhh tu dia. Usha blog sana, usha blog sini, banyak jugak cara yang boleh pakai. One of the method yang aku nak buat nanti, rendam/rebus kain yang kena luntur tu dengan air panas. Bagi aku tula yang paling senang dah mudah aku kerjakan nanti. And cara tu tak perlukan perbelanjaan apa2 pun.

So I decide esok pagi pagi nak jerang air then isi dalam baldi then rendam tudung eDast aku tu. Aku nak rendam lama lama sampai kesan luntur tu betul betul hilang, betul suci dan bersih, betul betul yakin bersih daripada sebarang najis Mutawasitah! hahhh kemain kau! Menyesal jugak sebab aku pi capur rendam sekali dengan skirt tu wat apa?! Kan free free dah dapat cipta corak baru kat tudung eDast kau tuh. Padan muka! :P Huhuhu...

Okay guys, hopefully teknik yang telah saya observe belog-belog ibu misaly tu berjaya hilangkan luntur pada tudung eDast saya tu ye. Saya nak pakai raya pertama nanti ni. Hahhh. Doakan semoganya berjalan dengan lancar ye. InshaAllah. Happy Ramadhan and selamat berbuka puasa! :D

*p/s: Last Ramadhan nanti jangan lupa cakap SELAMAT HARI TUA kepada birthday girl ni ye! hihihi ^_^ 
Thursday, 25 June 2015

Book Review: I N V I T A T I O N O N L Y - Kate Brian


Hari ni Ramadhon yang ke-7. Seminggu sudah kita berpuasa ye. Alhamdulillah belum ada ponteng puasa lagi. Elehh kalau ponteng pun ada sebab. Hahh korang tu dah ada yang curi-curi makan ke? Hehehehe

Hari ni aku nak share sikit novel yang aku baru habis baca semalam. Aku dah lama start baca novel ni, tapi baru semalam aku berjaya mengathamkannya. Hahaha. Almaklumlah, busy bebenor kat GMI tu. Well, it's one of Kate Brian's Private series, I N V I T A T I O N  O N L Y. The continue chronology from the first Private. Novel ni pun Azwin yang pinjamkan. Dah lama dah dia pinjamkan. Dari awl sem 2 lagi. Tapi, ni aku dah habis sem 2, baru habis second novel ni. Huhuhu..

It's about a blue-collar girl, Reed Brennan looking to update to a new life at an exclusive boarding school. Bila cerita pasal boarding school ni, mesti la ada geek, nerd, mean girl or fancy society ni semua. So there's is The Billings Girls. Billings Girls kira macam hot setaff la kat sekolah tu, a.k.a macam geng The Wannababes dalam novel Ain Maisarah tu. Tapi bagi aku Billings Girls jauh lebih advances and berpengaruh dari The Wannababes. So si Reed ni try to fit with them, nak lepak, hangout together dengan dorang ni semua.

Tapi yang paling aku tak boleh bla, boleh pulak si Billings Girls ni main main kan orang dengan melibatkan isu masa depan, harapan dan impian seseorang. Dorang punya plan nak jatuhkan sesorang tu memang tip-top from A to Z. Perfect sampai aku tak expect pun jalan cerita novel ni berakhir dengan sebegitu drastik sekali. Memang psiko gila lah kalau korang baca. Aku sendiri yang dah baca ni, macam tak percaya apa yg penulis ni dah buat. Betul ke cerita dia macam ni?! Lepas habis baca tu aku selak balik, baca balik. Seriously lah dia boleh reka plot novel macam tu sekali. You are really slay me, Kate Brian! Hahaha

Korang pun mesti tak paham kan benda ape lah aku duk membebel ni. Apa kata korang pun pergi usha novel Invitation Only ni sekali. Dekat Kinokuniya KLCC ada jual. Harga standard ahh RM35++. Now aku nak sambung the third novel pulak, U N T O U C H A B L E

I like to party and by party I mean read books ~
Saturday, 20 June 2015

The End of Chapter 2

Hai peps! Okay hari ni hari last aku kat GMI for semester 2. Well semester 2 pun dah habis lahh. Hahaha. Now sekarang tengah tunggu my ayah untuk datang hostel amik saya bersama my fancy stuffs ni dibawak pulang ke Puchong. Kinda banyak jugak barang nak bawak balik. Banyak sebab semua benda ni nak kena tinggalkan kat Puchong. Tak perlu pun kat hostel ni. And menyesal jugak sebab tak basuh cadar, langsir, selimut semua siap siap kat hostel ni. So, tak payah la nak ulang alik bawak barang tu semua next sem nanti. Ughhh I should do laundry on that...

Pagi tadi dah penat aku kerah urat urat badan ni bersihkan bilik hostel ni. Dia punya habuk kau tak payah cakap lah. Hari hari kau sapu pun habuk tetap datang. Cepat betul berhabuk hostel ni. Naik fedappp dah nak kemas hostel. Dari mana tah datang habuk ni semua. Tension aku. Rasa macam nak pasang air humidifier je kat hostel ni. Bagi dia sedut habuk kotor and bagi dia udara yang segar bugar dan nyaman lagi selesa. Tapi kang aku pasang kang, tak fasal fasal kena halau duduk rumah sewa luar pulak. Mana aku nak cari rumah? Transport pun takda nak pi kelas kalau aku duk luar.

Patutnya sekarang nak pergi jumpa Akma kejap, nak transfer semua gambar2 selfie aku yang ada kat dalam handphone dia *saya memang suka selfie kat handphone orang hihihihi* Tapi dia tak bagi datang sekarang, coz she said her room is kinda disaster right now. Kemas bilik letewww. Jadi bibik ye kak? :P Hahahaha. So nampaknya lepas Zohor la aku pergi bilik dia. Hopefully sempat ahh transfer sebelum ayah aku sampai.

Okay tu jelaa kut nak sembang. Nanti aku share lagi nonsense thoughts aku kat sini ye. Cerita pasal Pretty Brown Eyes? Ohh don't worry. InshaAllah akan ada cerita pasal dia akan datang nanti *even tho he no longer at GMI T_T* Heyyy, aku akan cerita semua moment aku dengan dia sepanjang bisnes hoodie tu ye. Depends on yang mana aku ingat jelaa. Hahaha okay. Happy Ramadhan, happy iftar, see y'all later! ;)
Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Enchanted to meet you *^o^*

Hey babes. I'm just finish my English for Specific Purposes 2, which was soalan dia sangat menyaiko kan kepala untuk jawab. Huhu. Okay past is past, enough with that bullshit discussions.

Nak cerita hari ni *bukan hari ni je malah tiap-tiap hari!* aku asyik nak cari mana Nazhif je. Sebab hari ni hari kedua external FYP presentation. Tadi pergi hall exam kat KT3, tingkat bawah tu riuh dengan sem 6 PDM tengah prepare utk present. Nampak dorang punya product tadi gempak gempak siaaa. O_o Seriously captivated tengok dorang punya projek. Then, aku pun apa lagi. Mata ni melilau ahh cari mana Pretty Brown Eyes aku ni. Aku just nampak Siddiq *kawan dia yang jual kasut and T-shirt GMI* Shafiq Jafri, Kak Letty, and so on yang seangkatan sama kos dengan mereka tu. Aku pun kebetulan lalu sebab nak pi dewan exam. Kalau xde hal tadi dah lama aku menyemak kat situ usha dorang present.

Malam tadi aku ada ws si Nazhif ni, tanya khabar and so on semua. Subuh tadi check dia bagi aku blue tick je! Okayyyyy T_T Dia letih kut semalam stay up kat bengkel. Tak menyempat la kut nak reply ws aku. Okayy takpe saya paham, sayang :) Itu satu. Lagi satu, pagi tadi otw pi KT3 aku ws dia lagi, wish "Good Luck" and so on. Bagi kata kata semangat lah katanya. Pukul 12.30pm aku habis exam, check handphone, buka ws, dia bagi blue tick lagi. Halahaiiiiiii T_T okayyyyyy > v < Maybe dia tengah present kut, or maybe terlalu gemuruh nak present? Kan? Mana tahu hahaha...


Idk lah. Sense aku terhadap dia tu kuat sangat. Tu laa crush lagi kat orang. Kan dah susah sekarang ni. Too fragile tho, Farhana! U need to be stiff. Stiff as pendulum ball. Stiff like Divergent and Insurgent. Okay dah merepek dah dia. Hahahaha -_-

Okay aku nak study Calculus. Esok paper calculus pulak. Mampus nak jawab apa kalau tak struggle subjek ni. Huhuhu okay byeee ~
Monday, 15 June 2015

Le' Brown Eyes (part 6) : He's the best!

Well, I'm kinda pretty sad right now. Sad? Why babe?

Yeah, his last day at GMI is just around the corner. *yeahh of course we talk about my Pretty Brown Eyes now. My Theo James* This week he will be super struggle with his FYP project, the supah dupah wheel chair. Last preparation for external presentation. When we talk about external presentation, yeah of course the para para penilai dari company luar akan datang menilai, mengkritik, mengomen, mengumpat. Mengumpat? No way! They are professional okay! A very high level professionalism. High class punya presentation ni. So yeah, of coz he and his team mates really needs to prepare the umbrella before rain. Not only for the rain. It might be a thunderstorm, earthquake, banjir Kelantan. Who knows right? *stop babbling Hana!*


Sedih la, nanti dia dah takde kat GMI dah. He's gonna graduate soon. He's gonna fly to German maybe, to pursuit his Degree in Engineering. Last Saturday, I stalk FB dia. Guess what I've found? Omaigaddd! O_o I found the list of his best academic achievements at GMI ! What a very beautiful precious information that I got so far.

Once I found this, of coz laa I bangga gila. So proud of your bruhh! *applause* Parents awak mesti ter sangat sangat sangat lah bangga dengan pencapaian awak kan? *Duhh of coz la dude!* Kalau I jadi parents dia pun mesti bangga gila. Mana tak nya, setiap sem dapat dekan. Kalau sesiapa girls kat luar sana ada simpan angan angan tinggi nak kahwin dengan dia, aku akan letak demand tinggi setinggi 70 juta tingkat. Ehhh kau ingat senang senang kau nak kahwin dengan anak aku?! Cermin sikit diri kau tu! Ada hati nak kahwin dengan anak aku konon!

Bahahahaha boleh berlakon drama la drama la aku ni. *okay okay serious mood* For me, you're not a man of success, but you are the truly man of value. I see the value in you, bruh.

Well said, I am really truly glad to know you, bruh. Ya, we were barely know each other only for this sem. The semester that I would really pleasure to appreciate it the most. Bcoz, knowing you only for the 5 months plus plus is really really mean so much to me. They has their own beautiful timeline on that 5 months. Especially things about hoodies of coz. Preorder collection, payment collection, meeting *dating at library ^3^* banking, transfering, suppliering, calling, whatsaping, hoodie update, hoodie passing, chasing you all around campus sebab nak bagi hoodie, met up with the customers, business, booth, open day and every beautiful disasters that caused by me, which was make you mad. Hahahaha. What a beautiful moment! :D Thank you for coloring part of my semester 2 at GMI, Nazhif :) ^_^

Hahaha. Okay Nazhif, once again nak cakap saya sangat sangat sangat bertuah sebab kenal awak. Awal nya saya kenal awak sebagai "senior hoodie" je, deal bisness dengan orang buat hoodie je. But now I realized, bukan calang calang orang I'm dealing with. Ni baru sikit information pasal dia yang dah aku jumpa. Tak tahu la ada berapa lagi achivements dia yang gempak gempak tu yang aku tak tahu lagi kan. Wallahualam.

From what I discover about him so far, I can see the bright future is waving at him right now. Waving and waiting him to come and chase that dreams.

He has the big bright future. He's the best! :)
Saturday, 16 May 2015


Assalamualaikum uolls. Alhamdulillah bertemu lagi kita di sini. *bertemu kah?* Ahh watevaaa. Okay. Aku baru balik dari INTAN. INTAN? Apa tu? Intan permata kah? Intan berlian kah? Hahaha. Aku baru balik dari Institut Takbir Awam Negara, Bukit Kiara. Aku ada open tournament dengan Netball Sparkles kat sana.

Pagi pagi Subuh lagi kami dah gerak dari GMI ke Bukit Kiara. Hahhh nampak tak bertapa semangat nya bebudak Sparkles ni nak lawan netball. Hari ni 4 team pergi. 3 team lelaki, 1 team perempuan. Hahhhh jangan terkejut kenapa ramai team lelaki berbanding perempuan padahal ni suka netball, sukan majoritinya kaum wanita yang main. Well, you know GMI. There's thousands of dudes.

For team girl, Elite, kami main 3 game. Ketiga tiga game tu kami kalah! Perrrhhh, apa benda siaa pergi tournament main 3 game kalah berturut turut? Ehemmm. Actually bukan kalah teruk pun. Kami kalah bermaruah. Mungkin hari ni bukan rezeki kami nak bawak balik kemenangan untuk GMI. Huhuhu. Tapi rasa malu jugak lah, sebab team lelaki menang banyak game jugak. Malu sebab Netball ni sukan wanita tapi kami yang kaum wanita ni pun tak dapat nak bawak balik satu kemenangan pun. And yeahh of coz, our couch, Miss Maz were truly disappointed with our performance T_T But sokay. I take that as a motivations. So that I can perbaiki mana kelemahan aku masa dalam court. Because learning is never stop!

Hampir seharian jugak lah bebudak Sparkles ni 'berkampung' kat INTAN tu. Sebab nak tunggu turn untuk next game adalah sangat sangat sangat lama. Kena tunggu team lain habis main dulu then baru kami. For the first game, Elite main yang paling first sekali. Then nak tunggu untuk second game kena tunggu 18 team lain habis game dulu. 2 jam lebih jugak lah nak tunggu sampai game yang ke-2. Tengah cuaca panas yang membahang di tengahari tu. Perhhh pitam kepala aku. Tapi paling menyedihkan, masa tengah main game yang ke-2, boleh pulak hujan lebat. For the first half boleh lagi renyai2 sikit. Masuk second half hahh hambekk kau. Satu court netball tu basah lencun! Dah lah tadi tengahri panas bakkk hang. Tetiba kena 'simbah' pulak dengan air hujan kat tengah court. Nasib baik seluar aku tak terkoyak masa tenggelincir tadi. Hehehehe. Aku buat 'stunt' sikit tadi.

Habis je game ke-2, masing masing cari tempat berteduh. Paling sweet sekali kami semua berbumbungkan banner GMI, berteduh bawah daun pokok. Hahaha. Lepas main netball, main hujan pulak ye. Tapi yang sakitnya aku lah. Dah lah dengan serangan padu selsema dari bebudak lelaki dalam kelas, plus cuaca tengahari yang panas tadi buat kepala aku berdenyut denyut, ditambahnya lagi dengan hujan lebat dengan tiba tiba. Memang nazak lah aku kat katil malam ni.


Kami gerak balik GMI semula pun pukul 6.45pm baru gerak. Perhhhh dengan satu badan aku dah bercampur bau peluh dengan hujan, kepala yang berdenyut denyut, bus pulak lambat datang. Nak pengsan aku kat situ. Bus lambat pun aku tahu, sebab time-time petang ramai orang balik kerja. So of coz jalan jammed, kereta banyak. Alhamdulillah sampai GMI pukul 7.30pm tadi. Balik hostel terus mandi. Badan bau taik, Asics aku disaluti dengan lapisan lumpur yang tebal. Kalau orang rumah aku tengok rupa aku time tu, mesti mereka ingat aku baru balik dari berperang. Yelaaa, mana taknya. Hujan panas ribut petir, semua aku redah hari ni.

Okay tu jelaa nak dibebelkan hari ni. Nanti aku share lagi cerita doegng harian aku kat sini lagi ye. Take care and Assalamualaikum.

*p.s: Saya dapat tahu dari Helmi *senior Sparkles, sem 6* bahawasanya Nazhif akan fly ke German bulan October nanti. Wowwww betulkah? I'm gonna find the answer. And... ohh ya. I miss you, my Pretty Brown Eyes ;)

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Baby face and Le' Brown Eyes (part 5)

Hai uolls. Lama dah kan tak borak kat sini. Almaklum la akak hoodie ni busy bebenor. Seriously, Mac and April was super hectic month for me. Plus kalau nak online blog pun payah, sebab line ternettt macam siput -_- Macam macam cerita best masa bulan Mac and April. Especially bulan April hari tu ada GMI Open Day 2015 and Tun Dr. Mahathir was coming to GMI yoooo!!!! Hahaha. Nanti lah. Next time aku cerita kat sini ye. Hari ni kita cerita pasal perihal yang baru saja berlaku tadi. Well, tengok tittle pun dah tahu kan. Tak lain tak bukan its about my Pretty Brown Eyes a.k.a Theo James.

I bet you guys dah boleh predict. I baru lepas jumpa dia. Hahaha. Well, of coz it's about hoodie. It's always about hoodies. No such things. Tapi I ada cerita lain dulu sebelum cerita pasal Nazhif ni.

Tengahari tadi, cuaca panas bak hangggg >_< okkk, tengahari tadi Myra cerita kat I yang semalam masa lunch dia nampak Thaqif *kawan Nazhif yang sama buka hoodie dengan I masa Open Day lepas* and Nazhif and the gang. Watefishhhh! Myra nampak Thaqif, Thaqif yang super damn kiut miut yang berbisnes sama sama dengan I masa Open Day yang lepas tu?! Kat Golden Finger? I yang berbisnes sekali dengan dia pun tak pernah2 lagi nak terserempak ke, langgar bahu ke apa pun dengan Thaqif lepas Open Day habis. Myra yang secara kebetulan ni pun boleh terserempak dengan Thaqif berkali kali. The heck mannnn!!!! This is not fair!!!! Cmon man. Ughhh. And paling tak boleh bla, si Jihah *girl yang gedik tolong I masa Open Day, but I appreciate her help* boleh cakap kat Myra "Ohh tu ke Thaqif? Kita pun minat dia jugak la." Watehell man! Luckily she said that to Myra, not in front of me. If she said that to me, I would be very pleasure to reach up and twist the girl's arm out of its socket, HARDER! Omaigaddd I hate you, Jihahhh!

Ishhh sibuk je nak minat Thaqif aku yang super damn kiut miut tu. Hermmmmm *mendengus geram* Ishhhh jealous nya dengan Myra and Jihah. Mereka dapat jumpa Thaqif. Dapat tengok muka Thaqif yang comel macam baby face tu. HOHO. Cemburu nya saya!!! >_< Yelaaa...habis je Open Day tak jumpa langsung Thaqif or crew crew ShSneaker yang lain. Except Nazhif, yelaaa Nazhif jelaa yang selalu aku jumpa. Eeeeieiiiiii jealousnya sayaaaaa!!! Hahaha tulah yang dinamakan rezeki, Farhana :)

Okay habis satu cerita tu. Okay now, cerita pasal Nazhif pulak. Well, as usual jumpa Nazhif je hoodie, hoodie je Nazhif. Lalalalalalala...And as usual, his eyes was glowing and shine bright like a diamond in the skyyyy...hahaha. I jumpa dia untuk pass payment and details about preorder hoodie. And then dia buat calculation sikit lepas I bagi payment and details tu. Maybe dia nak calculate sekali dengan order yang dia dapat kot. And then kan suddenly he ask me for a calculator. Then I said I tak bawak. Pastu dia minta calculator kat handphone I. And yaa, I pun nak taknak je bagi. Pastu I kata lah kat dia, I malu nak bagi dia pakai handphone I yang buruk ni. Duhhh of coz, he's a iPhone user. Lastly, I bagi juga. Dia nak pakai calculator kejap je pun. Relax laaa, alahai Farhana -__-.

Last Friday ada jumpa dia jugak. Dia kata sampai 15 May 2015 ni last preorder hoodie untuk sem ni. And after next preorder he will officially let me take over everything about hoodie preorders. Paling sedih dia kata dia dah penat dah nak amik order, dengan project FYP yang tak siap lagi. Hmm.. :\ Well, too bad tho. It's sound like he saying "Goodbye" to me. HUHUHU T_T Ya of coz, in less than 2 month he will be finish his Diploma and next year he will graduate as Engineering in Product design Manufacture and of coz he will leave GMIan lifes. And of coz I will be miss him so bad. So so soooooo fukcing bad V_V

Well, I hope this is not the end. I hope kita still boleh contact lagi even tho you dah nak habis diploma ye, Nazhif. Nanti nak kahwin, jangan lupa invite I ye Nazhif. I nak tengok lawa ke tak wife u tu nanti. Hahahah. Okay that's all from me today. Thank you. Byeeeeee ~
Sunday, 12 April 2015

Fast 7 with JT

Dude semalam kan aku hang out dengan Justin Timberlake lagi! Wuhohohohohohoho...

Haha happy la kau jah!!!

*The one who always pick fights ^3^*
Sebenarnya satu jam yang lalu aku dah typo post cerita macam macam pasal hang out semalam. Tapi tetiba line internet macem haremmm, so aku pun skip untuk proceed page refresh. I thought dia terus save kat dalam draft. Rhoopenyaaa dia tak save! Perhhhh sabar jelaa aku taip berjela jela punya happy moment tadi, poof! dia hilang macam tu je! T_T alahaiiii...

So untuk share sikit kegembiraan hari semalam, saya hanya mampu post sekeping gambar kat atas tu je. v_v Takpe lah kalau aku tak share semua happy moment kat sini. Biar aku sorang jela yang tahu. Lagipun bukannya ada orang pun nak baca blog ni kan. Krikk krikk je kan. Huhuhu. Sokayyy.

Honestly, semalam saya bahagia sangat. Thanks, Justin. I love you! ^3^
Friday, 10 April 2015

Justin Timberlake

Assalamualaikum!!! Apa khabar uolls *senyum semanis manis manis manis buah kurma* Hahahaha :D :))

Eleehhh tahu tahu la, kalau dah peragai macam ni. Ada cerita best letew nak share kat sini. HAHAHA

Semalam kannnn...
semalam kannn....
semalam kannn...
Ihihikhikshiks...*sorry if I annoy uolls*

Okay here we go.
Semalam cik Farhana ni candle light dinner lagi dengan Justin Timberlake dia. Hihihihi. *tepuk tangan uolls. Taniah cik Farhana!!! pftttt* Rasa gembira nya sampai hari ni tak hilang lagi. Semalam aku ada meeting club LEGA *LEGA stands for Lensa Graphic and Animation* Macam kelab fotografi la katanya. Aku saing dengan Akma sekali. Kami pergi meeting tu pun sebab nak 'bayar hutang' untuk T-shirt LEGA yang baru tu. Exco exco tetinggi sudah bising macam along minta hutang utk segera langsai kan bayaran ni semua. Kalau dilewat lewatkan memang xde T shirt kelab la for this sem. Sian pulak kat mereka yang sudah lama bayar tu. HUHU.

Meeting start pukul 8pm. Aku dengan Akma datang pukul 8.30pm . Hahaha memang Melayu betul! Dengar dorang bagi penghargaan for those MPU4 punya batch sebab LEGA menang untuk MPU4 for this. Congratesss LEGA!!! :D. Then tup tap tup tap pukul 9pm. Akma need to go for another meeting  *busy bebenor akak Sarawak ni* Then tinggal lah saya keseorang dalam meeting tu sambil memerhati LEGArians yang aku tak kenal langsung. Kecuali Halimi, sebab dia classmate aku. And guess what? Justin Timberlake pun datang meeting tu jugak. Hihihi. Dia duduk 5 meter dari kanan aku. Halahaiii time aku rasa rama-rama sedang berterbangan kat perut aku. Nak pandang pun tak berani sebab dia terlalu handsome untuk aku pandang lama-lama. bahahahahahaha.

*lower your gaze, Farhana!*

"cik Farhana ni hati kuat dan sado dan bullet proof  macam Divergent..."

Meeting yang membosankan. Dah lah sorang je. Plus lapar tahap dewa pulak tu. Huhuhu. Nasib baik adik aku layan aku kat whatsapp. Aku pun lepas lah ketidakpuasan hatiku ini. Pastu gosip la dengan dia pasal Zizang and Justin Timberlake ni.

Perfect 10pm, meeting bersurai. Walawehhh saat yang di nanti nanti kan telah tiba. Perut ni tak sabar minta di isi. Aku dah janji dengan Justin Timberlake nak dinner sama. Tapi kena tunggu dia naik hostel, mandi and siap-siap dulu. Sebab dia baru balik dari jungle tracking kat Ayer Hitam, Puchong. *Shet! dia pergi Puchong bukan nak bgtahu aku!* So aku pun tunggu la dengan sabar sampai pukul 10.45pm. Makk aihhh, perut ni dah nazak. Kafe jap lagi pukul 11 dah tutup. Dah penat tunggu si JT ni bersiap semua, aku pun decide nak pergi kafe, order nasi, then bungkus makan kat hostel je.

Sampai kafe, baru je nak pergi order tetiba Justin call. Dia call tnya aku kat mana semua and bla bla bla. Dia kata dia nak turun hostel dah ni. Pastu minta order kan nasi goreng kampung, nasi lebih plus nak telor mata kerbau. *perhhh besar jugak selera kau ehh* Lepas order, dia datang kafe. Sambil tunggu makanan tengah masak, aku dengar lah cerita dia pergi jungle tracking tu. Bersungguh betul dia cerita kat aku. Tapi aku pulak dengar macam acuh tak acuh je. Bukannya aku tak minat nak dengar cerita dia tu. *Seriously?! Jungle tracking bro. It's my addiction!* Cuma aku shaking sebab aku dah lama tak jumpa dia, beborak, citer macam-macam dengan dia. In other word, I miss him so bad!!! T_T. Bersyukur sangat sebab dapat dinner dengan dia semalam tu.

Pastu semalm dia belanja aku beverages. Air kiwi cawan besar dia belanja kau!!! hahh jenuh la cik Farhana nak habiskan nya. Makan sambil tu borak borak dengan dia, share story masing-masing, tanya khabar semua. Halalahalahlahalahaiii...tipu la kalau aku tak shaking macam orang gila semalam. Nasib baik aku masih waras lagi untuk tak lompat macam kanak-kanak girang kat kafe tu. hohoho. We talk, we share, we laugh, we smile, arhhhhh best moment laaaa. ^_^

Until 0000am. Well, sudah tiba masa untuk Cinderella balik ke hostel nya semula. Kalau tak kang, tak sempat nak cover line muka bertukar jadi huduh semula. bahahahaha. *berangan jelaa makcik ni!* Otw balik hostel tu, bernyanyi nyanyi kegirangan la aku. Terlompat lompat sambil tepuk kaki hahahaha. Gila kau tak lena aku tido malam tadi?! Perhhh heaven kau tahu! Senyum tak henti-henti. Sekarang ni pun tengah update blog, tak habis habis lagi senyum, tersenggih senggih. Iskandar kat depan aku ni pun dah menyampah tengok aku. Hahahahahah.

Okay that's all for now. Ohh yaa, sebelum terlupa, esok (Sabtu) Justin Timberlake ask me out for cinema. Omaigadd omaigadd omaigadd!!! *buat backflip sekarang!* Okay bye, adious!

*The moment when Justin Timberlake ask me for a date! ^_^*

*p/s: Actually saya dah lama jatuh suka kat Justin Timberlake. Sebab tulaa happy kemain kalau dapat hang out dengan Justin. Tapi saya tak boleh happy sangat sebab ada orang jatuh suka kat Justin saya ni T_T huhuhu. Plus orang yang suka Justin jugak tu, kawan saya. Takkan lah saya nak back stabbing pulak kan. Tak baik pulak kan. So, saya harap saya kuat semangat dan tabah untuk ujian yang melibatkan hati dan perasaan ni. Hopefully, I'm strong enough to facing this obstacles. InshaAllah. Doakan cik Farhana ni hati kuat dan sado dan bullet proof  macam Divergent ye :')
Friday, 27 March 2015

Super busy and hectic week

Assalamualaikum peps! Okay short post je ehh malam ni. Sebenarnya macam2 cerita nak share kat sini. Tapi keadaan tak mengizinkan. Maaf lah dah seminggu tak update. Seriously! Straight last Thursday 'till today was super busy and hectic week for me. Nak update blog pun tak sempat. Nak blogwalking pun tak sempat. Aku macam2 nak cerita ni. Nak cerita pasal tak cukup tidor, cerita pasal coding java aku yang gempak tu *ecehhhh poyo sehh :P* , cerita pasal Silent Killer, cerita pasal Zizang and Justin Timberlake *they're made up finally! :D* , cerita pasal Insurgent, cerita pasal nak pi UniKL Mitec kat Johor, cerita pasal netball, cerita pasal itu ini semua. Macam macam lah aku nak share. Haha

Tapi disebabkan line internet kat hostel ni berkelajuan 100km per saat, so agak susah sikit aku nak online blog kat sini. Malam ni, aku briefing je dulu apa yang telah berlakung pada hari hari yang lepas. Insha Allah ada masa aku share satu satu kat sini ye.

Okay. Aku aku nak charge energy dulu. Tomorrow I'm going to UniKL Mitec, Johor. I and the Sparkles ada friendly kat sana. Smabil sambil tu boleh lah cuci mata kat sana. Kot kot terjumpa jodoh ke kan. Bahahahhahah :D

Okay dah lah. Gute natch ~
Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Le' Brown Eyes (part 4) and Theo James

Hey peps. Hahaha. Baru pukul 11am tadi update blog and kata dah seminngu lebih tak update blog. Ni tetiba 2 jam kemudian aku update lagi. Hahaha

Aku nak share sikit. About my Pretty Brown Eyes tu. Hihihi.

Lunch time tadi aku jumpa dia, nak minta hoodie biru customer punya. Malam tadi customer tu tak henti henti ws aku, tanya pasal hoodie biru yang satu ni. Tension punya fasal, terpaksa lah aku set kan time untuk 'date' dengan Pretty Brown eyes hari ni.

Jumpa dia tadi. As usual, eye lashes dia memang mengoda. Aumm aumm. That's the first thing I observe whenever my eyes met him. Hihihi ^_^ And guess what? Muka dia macam hero dalam film Divergent, Theo James! Hihihihi. Yang paling ketara sekali eye lashes dia. The curve of eye lashes Nazhif exactly sama macam Theo James. Betul! Tak tipu mehh!!! Sama! Aku baru perasan sebab last Saturday aku layan movie Divergent yang telah ditransferkan dari hard disk Khaleed *budak sem 1*. Layan punya layan, sekali kau terkejot beruk aku tengok Theo James a.k.a Four *watak dalam film tu* sejibikk macam Nazhif. Mau tak meroyan macam orang gila aku tengok film tu sampai habis. Boleh pulak ada kembar kau dalam film ni, Nazhif. Hahahaha T_T

Pastu tadi jumpa dia, bagi tahu dia yang muka dia macam Theo James. Tapi dia pulak tak kenal siapa Theo James tu. Lahaiiiii kembar awak sendiri pun waka tak kenal ke, Nazhif oiii -.-' Hahaha takpelah Nazhif. As long as you stay cool, cute and maintain that insanely beautiful eye lashes curve. Hihihi ^3^

Okay that's all for now. Kbyeeeee ~

*Look at that beautiful eye lashes. Whoahahahohoho O_o*

Volleyball Tournament 2015 Sparkles

Haloo dudes! First thing first, I want to apologize sebab hampir seminggu lebih aku mendiamkan diri kat blog ni. Actually last week was a super damn hectic and exhausted and busy week for me at GMI. Banyak program GMI anjurkan untuk student2 ni. Hampir setiap hari, dari Isnin sampai Ahad Dewan Gemilang Mercu Idaman tu dipenuhi dengan pelbagai program. Yang paling hectic hari Jumaat sampai Ahad. Ada Festival Amal Hijab (FAJA) organized by Islamic Youth GMI. It's a great and awesome festival so far for this semester. And last Wednesday I got my first HPV vaccine. Hieeeeeee >_<

Okay last week punya cerita dah habis. Yang sudah tu sudah lah. Aku nak cerita pasal malam tadi. Hihihi.

Semalam(Selasa), Sparkles telah menganjurkan Volleyball tournament 2015 among the Sparkles. And guess what, my team is Power Puff Gang! yeayyy! -.-' Izzat la pilih nama tu untuk team kami. Hahaha. Dalam game, aku lambung bola pun sekali dua, serve bola pun kelaut. And paling tak boleh bla, team I memang. Power Puff gang is the champion of the night!!! For the other members, of coz dorang layak menang. Tapi bagi aku, aku tak layak menang sebab main pun haprakkk. Macam tak menyumbangkan apa apa pun utk Power Puff gang. Tuptaptuptap aku julang piala kemenangan yang silaputi warna gold. Huhuhu. Even thou aku tak terror main tapi aku dapat pengalaman, belajar acano nak main volleyball ni. It's good to try new thing bro. Gain experience, gain skill, gain your fitness. Hahahaha. Btw, Alhamdulillah. Congrates Power Puff gang! *tepuk tangan*

*Champion of the night is Power Puff Gang! :D*
And malam ni(Rabu) training netball macam biasa laa. Back to the GK girl! Gonna be Sharni Layton again, sebab hujung bulan ni, 27 and 28 hb March 2015 coach nak hantar 40 players pi friendly kat UniKL MITEC, Johor. And of cozzz la aku nak pergi. Lama dah tak pi friendly/tournament jauh jauh ni. So, every training aku kena jadi Silent Killer laa. Kena jadi Sharni Layton. Alhamdulillah, coach kata progression aku semakin increases. Hahaha but no offences. I hate compliments. Compliments make me feel terlalu selesa. Bahaya tu wehh. Huhu

Ok that's all for now. Nanti aku gosip sini lagi ye. May peace be upon you :)
Saturday, 7 March 2015

Mission Accomplish, Le' Brown Eyes(Part 3), Candle Light Dinner

Assalamualaikum. Hey pepppppssssss!!! :D

Hari ni Cik Farhana kita hapy happy happy happy double and triple happy sangatttttt!!!
Hahahaha. Tengok title panjang bebernor. So, hari ni aku nak cerita panjang panjang kat sini.

Fisrt, plan aku nak kawan kan Zizang and Justin Timberlake is kinda accomplish. It's 87% accomplish! Still not yet 100000000% complete. Petang tadi Nabil ajak smash2. Mula mula malam sebelum tu, aku ajak jog petang(hari ni, Jumaat), alasan nak kasi speed sikit sebab main netball asyik pancit je. Tapi sebenarnya aku nak ajak Justin Timberlake jog sekali sebab dia free petang Jumaat tu. So, malam tu dah plan baik baik, cun cun, dengan Zizang dah set, dengan JT pun dah deal. Hopely sangat plan berjalan dengan lancar, sambil bibir ni tak henti-henti mengukir senyuman gembira kalau plan ni berjaya.

Tup-tap tup-tap, petang tadi Zizang kata takde mood nak jog. Dia ajak main badminton. So, aku pun okay kan jelaa. Sebab JT suka badminton. So aku pun ajak JT smash2 sekali. No matter what happened, by hook or by crook aku nak Zizang kawan dengan JT! Plan nak jog sama tak jadi, so I focus on badminton game. And guess what happened?! :D Zizang sangat sangat murah hati, siap ajak JT main beregu dengan kawan Zizang. Tapi, JT ni pulak shy shy cat nak kawan dengan Zizang. Lol. Dia yang kata suka main badminton. Ni orang dah hajokk, malu malu pulak. Lahaiiii gediknya kau Justin Timberlake! :P

Kiranya plan aku nak kawan kan mereka hampir berjaya. Cuma JT ni bnyak songeh pula. Dia kata dia suka main badminton tapi main yang main main je, no rules at all. Dia tak suka main ikut rules sebab tak faham. Kekadang rasa nak ketuk jugak JT ni guna penyapu. Orang dah bagi coach terbaik dari ladang nak ajarkan dia main badminton, pastu kata tak best pulak. Hishhhh! Selfishhh jugak dia ni! But sokay, as long aku puas hati tengok dorang berkawan tadi. Syukur Alhamdulillah :)

Tu baru satu cerita, ni aku ada lagi satu cerita happy nak share kat sini. Berdouble triple aku happy hari ni. HIHIHI ^_^

Lepas bermandi peluh, main smash2 with the fellas, malam pulak I've got a double date!!! Wuhoooo :P ^3^
Hahaha actually, it's not a double pun. Tadi aku jumpa my Pretty Brown Eyes, nak agihkan hoodies GMi pada my beloved customer. Aku janji dnegan dia pukul 2030, then dia dah sampai Cafe Jari Emas dah. Aku pulak pukul 2045 baru sampai. Hehhh sorry ye buat awak tunggu *buat muka baik* then borak borak lah dengan Petty brown eyes tu. Wish happy birthday kat dia *Last Tuesday he turns to Forever 21 wuhooo!* Tanya khabar semua, tanya pasal hoodie yang belum siap lagi, tanya tu, tanya ni. Hahahaha. Sekali kau bila customer datang bertubi tubi, baru kelam kabut nak susun hoodie. Plus hoodie tu belum lipat dan belum dibungkuskan. Sebab dia busy sangat sampai tak sempak nak pack semua hoodies ni. Plus aku ni pulak terlalu push dia suruh bawah hoodies ni nak bagi kat customer, sebab hari-hari customer tak henti2 tanya bila dapat hoodies.

But luckily, tah macam mana jari aku ni laju bebenor ws Justin Timberlake tanya kat mana and buat apa. I straight away told him, I was at Cafe Jari Emas tengah agihkan hoodies kat customer. Then I asked him to help me lipat hoodie ni semua. Then aku ingat dia taknak datang tau, tapi dia datanggggg!!! Happy kemain la aku. Dia datang pastu aku bagi arahan kat dia suruh lipat hoodie and be prepared bila customer datang bertubi tubi. Hahahah kinda bossy sikit. And of course laa, that time aku rasa macam semua boprengsss aku ni berjumpa satu meja. Pretty brown eyes and Justin Timberlake, at the same time, at the same table! Can u guys imagine that??? Hahahahah. *Sokay kalau tak boleh imagine pun takpa, sebab situation tu aku sorang je yang paham. HAHAHAH*

Tunggu punya tunggu customer yang lain tak datang lagi. Perut aku ni dah melalak lagu Love Me Like You Do. Si JT ni pun tunggu aku habis agihkan hoodie ni, sebab dia nak dinner dengan aku sekali. Dia pun kelaparan jugak. Pukul 2230 dorang tak sampai lagi, aku minta Pretty Brown Eyes untuk tutup kedai. Pak guard pun dah marah sebab dah overtime dah. Tak boleh lama-lama. Kemas-kemas semua hoodie, packing masuk dalam kotak. Nasib baik ada JT. JT tolong angkat kan kotak tu bawak masuk dalam kereta Nazhif. Then Nazhif hantar kan sampai kat gate besorrr A1. Dah sampai gate A1, JT tolong angkat kotak tu lagi. Tapi sampai  depan pintu kecik jelaa. Takkan dia nak masuk blok A1 kot. Bahaya woiii. Kena barred kang.

*Alahai sawitnya, dua orang bopreng tolong dia bawak balik hoodie, atototototo ~* 
Ya semestinya la suweeeet. Sorang tolong tumpangkan kereta hantar sampai depan gate, sorang tolong angkat kotak. Which is really made my heart tap-dance. Awwwww saya sayang semua boprengsss sayaaaaaa!!!! Bahahahahahah XD :D :P *mohon jangan mintak kaki, Farhana!*

Lepas letak hoodies kat hostel, I dinner dengan Justin Timberlake. Sian dia, tunggu aku lama. Aku janji kedai tutup pukul 2200 tapi extend smpai 2230. Sian dia kelaparan tunggu aku. Huhuhu. Kami dinner kat dalam bilik kaca. And meja kami bersebelahan pulak dengan dua orang fellas in my class. Ohhh crap! kantoi dohh. Dorang ingat aku tengah candle light dinner dengan JT. Dia just tolong aku bagi hoodie je tadi then dinner sekali dengan dia jelaa. Haiyooo -_- *Actually memang ye candle light dinner pun. Hahahaha :P* 

Time tengah dinner tu, alahai, kami makan macam tuan puteri. Lambat benor nak habis nya. Aku kalau boleh tak nak lama-lama dengan JT ni. Karang banyak pulak mata mata yang jadi reporter kang. Sampai pukul 2330 jugak la dinner dengan dia. Borak tu, borak ni. Alahaiii watta best moment everrrrrrrrr!!!! :D ^_^

Okay tu je nak cerita hari ni. Hahaha sorry sebab panjang sangat. Kesian korang ye, nak baca panjang panjang ni. Hahahha. Takpe. As long as I enjoy sharing at here :D. Semoga lepas ni, hari hari yang mendatang akan lebih buat aku tersenyum lagi. Zizang dah kawan dengan JT, superb business time with Nazhif, and sweet candle light dinner with JT. And Farhana's mood had miraculously improved. Thanks to The Almighty for these small favors. Alhamdulillah :)
Saturday, 28 February 2015

Last Minute!


Cik Farhana is currently at German now. Ecehhh kat German kau. Hahaha *GMi je pun duhhh~*
Semalam (Jumaat), pukul 21.00pm tepat keluar rumah, dari Puchong nak ke Bangi. Sampai GMI tepat 21.45pm. Well, actually it takes only less that 30 min untuk sampai ke GMi ni. Tapi malam tadi, Bandar Baru Bangi sesak macam kat Keyell! Aku pulak, dalam kereta dah 'mabuk'.

Sampai GMI, bagi surprize kat Miera sebab balik hostel awal tapi tak bagtahu dia. Terkejut beruk dia semalam. Hahaha. Dia sampai GMi pukul 11 pagi Jumaat tu. Aku balik awal pun bukan apa. Duduk rumah lama-lama pun buat apa. Mereputtt je lebih. Assgment tak jalan. Balik hostel baru terhengeh hengeh nak struggles menelaah segala tugasan yang diberi oleh TTO. Dapat markah cukup-cukup makan kang baru tahu. Huhuhu. Habis punah harapan dan cita cita kau nak mengenggam CGPA 4flat tu.

Alhamdulillah petang tadi dah selesai menelaah handout English, chapter Technical writing. 40 pages aku habiskan tadi. Actually kejap je nak habiskan 40 pages tu, tapi bila kat rumah kemain liat betul nak study. Just being lazy and doing nothing thou hahahaha.

Sekarang just nak settlekan report Java aku tu. Baru buat cover depan je *alahai sedinya T_T* content and conclusion apa pun tarakkk start lagi. Plan nak discuss sikit malam ni dengan Is tapi dia macam letih je. Yelaa, dia baru sampai GMi petang tadi dari T'gganu. Mesti dia letih merantau jauh-jauh satu hari ni. Biarlah dia nak rehat dulu malam ni. Tapi esok pagi pukul 9am dah kena jumpa aku kat kafe lah. By hook or by crook, tomorrow we must settle all the report and presentation slide. And also, study for German Language.

And of course,

this Monday will be my short horror story. Huhuhu. German Language, Test 1. English Language, presentation and test 1. Java, submit report and present PBL1. InshaAllah semuanya berjalan dengan lancar dan semoga aku tabah menghadapi cabaran-cabaran yang mendatang. Amin.

*p/s: Untuk makluman semua, saya ingin menyepikan diri seketika. Tolong jangan cari saya, call/sms/whatsapp/wechat/Instagram atau yang seumpama dengannya. Saya nak hilangkan diri selama 3 hari. Bermula dari 29, 30 dan 31 hari bulan Feb 2015. Maaf atas segala salah dan silap *cehh dah macam Hari Raya je hahaha* Sekian, danke schon and Bis dann!

**pp/s: Can't wait to meet Justin Timberlake. But, I'm kinda shy laa coz he's totally different in reality and whatsapp. How to deal with him huh? *dumbstruck!*
Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Let them be friends!

Assalamualaikum dunia! *nyanyi lagu Faizal tahir kejap. hihihi*

Alhamdulillah hari Sabtu lepas dah selamat sampai home sweet home, pukul 4pm macam tu. And guess what, assigments saya tak siap lagi. HUHU T_T Calculus je dah siap. German, English, Pengajian Msia and Java saya belum siap lagi.

German nak kena study sebab next Monday ada test 1. English kena menelaah handout sampai page 40 sebab kemungkinan besar akan ada test 1 jugak pagi senen tu nanti. And Pngajian Msia, kena start buat report and slide untuk PBL1 tapi aku kebuntuan idea isi dan content apa nak letak, sebab ni kerja berkumpulan. Dah cuti ni bebudak group aku ni memang 'bercuti' puas puas. Lepas cuti laa kena minta isi and content. And Java, coding PBL aku masih diusahakan untuk nampak bagi gempak dan semart. Nak gempak gempak konon. Error kemain banyak, nak run cemana?! *juling mata tengok coding @_@*

Okay okay. Awak kena settlekan semua assigment awak, Farhana. Kata sem 2 ni nak score CGPA gempak gempak kan? Nak dapat dekan kan? Nak 4flat kan? Then push, bruhh!

Buka kuliah nanti, macam macam dah plan nak buat apa. First, bila free or xde class nak main badminton dengan Zizang *bukan nama sebenar* and Justin Timberlake *bukan nama sebenar juga*. Hihihi. Zizang mana kenal Justin Timberlake pun. Takpe, biar aku yang rapat kan mereka. Second, aku nak jog dengan mereka. Pagi or petang, bila bila pun tak kesah lah. Make sure ajak Zizang and JT jog sama. Aku nak mereka berdua berkenalan dan berkawan. Hihihi

*kenapa kau ni beriya iya nak rapatkan dorang ni, Farhana?*

Hihihihi. Saje je.

Apa salahnya kita merapat hubungan ukhwah kan?

Well, actually aku selesa kawan dengan Zizang and JT ni. Zizang classmate aku. JT ni budak kos lain tapi boleh kenal sebab dia kawan Miera. Aku ek-sai-tet kemain nak heret JT kawan dengan Zizang sebab, JT xde kawan nk main bersukan. Plus JT ada masalah sikit. Masalah apa tu tak payah tahu lah kot. Kenapa Zizang? Zizang, sebab dia sekarang tengah dalam proses penghijrahan untuk menjadi hambaNya yang lebih bagus. So, aku plan nak kawan kan Zizang and JT supaya si JT ni boleh selesai kan masalah dia. Plus aku dah lama berangan nak tengok mereka ni berkawan. Coz I know, Zizang boleh kawteam dengan sesapa pun. So do Justin Timberlake. Cuma Justin Timberlake ni agak 'nakal' sikit. Well, you know boys ~

Well, I really hope that my brilliant plan *brilliant la sangat -_- * will going perfect and flawless.
No matter what happen, kau kena heret Zizang meet up with JT. Die die must let them be friends!